Purchasing a Piano? Check out the Key Things to Consider

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Pianos are one of the grandest musical instruments that one can own. Pianos not only have great musical value and add true peace and tranquillity to music but also increase the quality of your singing. Those who have already started learning to play the piano and are on the verge of buying one for themselves are, more often than not, confused about making a decision on which one to buy and what things to consider while purchasing it.

There are numerous options available in the market and it becomes really confusing when it comes to choosing the right one for you. Piano offers on Amazon and other such websites too make it easier to make a decision where budget is considered. While making your purchase decision these few below mentioned factors needs to be considered.

Quality is the main key

A piano is judged from both the interior and exterior of the instrument. The performance of the instrument grossly depends on the overall quality of it from within. A visibly improved resonance and range will be noticed in a piano that possesses high quality strings and soundboard. The tuning ability of the instrument also helps you to understand and gauge the longevity of the piano.

The exterior of a piano is equally important to consider while buying one because even good quality soundboard or strings can be affected and in turn affect the sound negatively if the exterior has a poor quality cabinet. To buy a piano of better quality in every aspect, you need to be very sure about both the interior and exterior of the piano. A piano is also graded depending on the quality of the instrument from interior to exterior. A Grade 1 piano is marked as a best quality piano in every sense.

Size matters too

As we know bigger is better, it is the same with pianos as well. The larger the size of the piano, the better will be the sound quality. This is due to smoother and softer sounds produced by longer strings of the piano by the transitioning action of the registers. It is always good to buy a bigger piano for its better quality sound but in this case you need to consider the place where you need the piano to be placed at your home. You should consider the size of your room before buying a piano as the acoustics of the piano gets highly impacted by the size of the room. If you have space limitations you may also look for full sized keyboards that have weighty keys.

Budget has to be laid out

Quality and size of the instrument actually determines the price of a piano. If you are looking for a good quality piano you should not be reluctant in spending some extra bucks because a good quality, costly piano is more durable and long lasting. Though, those with smaller budget also have quite a number of options in the less costly pianos. Buying a used piano is sometimes a good deal but in that case you need to thoroughly check the condition of the instrument by a technician.

Appearance is also an asset

Though not a very important point for some, appearances do matter for many while purchasing a piano as this is one instrument that sets a statement at home. But for most, the appearance of the piano may not be of importance as a criterion. Pianos are available in a number of varieties and colours out of which black and mahogany are very popular and mostly preferred.

Choosing Pianos Appearance

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Purpose is to be defined

When you are about to buy a piano for you, you must well understand the purpose for which you are required to buy one. Are you looking for a piano to learn it as a hobby or pass time or you want to take this as a long term interest and want to do something serious out of the learning? If you are a learner and are unsure about how committed you are to learning a piano then you may go for a medium sized piano which is of a less budget and good for beginners as well.

Our Special Checklist for You

Here are some basic things and crisp features in a piano that you should consider checking while buying one for you.

1. The post and the back of the piano should be strong so that it could provide good support to the entire instrument as this is a heavy musical instrument.

2. The soundboard is the most vital part of the piano which is placed at the back of the instrument and helps in translating the string vibrations into the soothing tone of the piano. So, checking the soundboard is essential as a cracked one would turn the sounds unappealing.

3. Treble and bass bridges are also very crucial in a piano. This is also required to be checked for cracks around the pins as it helps in the transfer of the vibrations of the strings.

4. There are generally three pedals but most pianists need only two. The Pedals should be checked to see if they move freely and quietly.

5. Finally, you should look at the piano’s serial number as this is one most important thing that lets you know about the age of the instrument easily.

The End Note

If you want your ward to continue learning a piano and take it up as a special interest, then you must certainly buy one for him/her, keeping these few tips in mind. Along with these tips, make sure you also look for discounts on musical instruments online. And while you’re at it, why not learn it yourself too?

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