Providing Assistance and Relief to victims of the Nepal Earthquake in April 2015

April 27, 2015 Providing Assistance and Relief to victims of the Nepal Earthquake in April 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia 1070 0 0

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On April 25, 2015, Mother Nature showed us all her cruel side as Nepal experienced one of its worst natural disasters in the form of a devastating earthquake that measured 7.8 on the Richter scale. The impact of the earthquake was so strong that the tremors were felt across the border in India. With the death toll crossing more than 3500 and hundreds left homeless, it has sent a severe shock wave around the country. In an attempt to restore normal life soon rescue operations are underway on a war footing to save as many lives as possible.

Even today, aftershocks have been reported from Katmandu, the country capital and people prefer to stay outdoors despite bad weather conditions. Rescue assistance are coming pouring in from all over the world in the form of monetary aid and volunteer help. With India, UK, USA announcing their monetary aid packages, all the money is being utilized for the treatment of the injured and providing basic amenities for the affected. The local NGOs are working round the clock to restore peace and alleviate agony.

The following measures have been set up in order to accelerate the rescue process of the Nepal Earthquake 2015

Google’s Person Finder App

google person finder @TheRoyaleIndia

The app collects information from individual users as well as from relief users who wish to provide information related to missing people or someone who has been found. Open to all users, people can use the app to update information about the affected with regards to any of the status –

  • Person confirmed to be alive

  • Person reported to be alive

  • Unspecified Status

  • Missing or Dead Status

Also, personal information assisting in tracing and identifying individuals affected by the earth quake can also be uploaded.

Nepal Earthquake 2015 on Facebook

Safety Check App @TheRoyaleIndia

Facebook has introduced a special Safety Check App that could be of great assistance. In case you are located in an area that has been struck by a disaster and have escaped the disaster, you just need to click on the ‘I am Safe” button and let your friends know about your status. Also, Facebook will let you know the status of your friends who could be affected by the disaster.

Other organizations working towards the Nepal Earthquake Relief operations are –

CARE – Care has been in Nepal since 1978 offering food security, HIV/Aids, health education, water and sanitation and women empowerment. Donors are encouraged to make monetary donations for various relief operations.

A donation of USD $75 – Food for 15 days

USD $112 – Clean drinking water for 12 families – buckets and water purification sachet

USD $220 – Emergency Shelter to family

The Nepal Red Cross Society – This society is yet another vital center providing relief and rescue assistance to earthquake victims of Nepal. You can send your donations through their online donation link. Also, the American Red Cross Society is working in tow with them to provide the much need relief.

Uday Foundation – This Delhi based NGO is working in co-ordination with local organizations in Nepal for distributing medicines and other essential supplies. They accept donations in kind such as matches, candles, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, dry ration supplies, essential medicines, baby food and feeding bottles, plastic sheets and so on. Donors can even transfer money online or send cheques drawn in favour of Uday Foundation and send it to their headquarters in Delhi.

Save the Children – This organization is present in 120 countries and works extensively in Nepal. They are also accepting donations online on their site.

UNICEF – A global body working towards ensuring children across the world enjoy a safe and healthy childhood including Nepal is accepting donations for the same. Donors can contribute online or even send a text message to 864233 (UNICEF) to donate $10 else they can contribute by visiting their official site.

Let us do our bit to help the victims of the Nepal Earthquake by simply sharing the useful information further.

Nepal Earthquake helpline numbers @TheRoyaleIndia

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