Protein Supplements and their Effects

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The world is into fitness and body building nowadays. It’s all about hitting the gym, working out and getting your daily dose of nutritional requirements. High protein and low carbohydrate diets are ruling the roost while bodybuilders are rushing to grab hold of protein shakes and protein bars, believing that it will help them gain muscle and lose weight. But why this rage for protein supplements all of a sudden? Do they prove to help you in any way? Here are a few of the benefits associated with the consumption of protein and everything you need to know about them.

1 – Muscle Building Capacity

The reason why many bodybuilders take protein shakes is because they have the power to build muscle. Lack of adequate protein restricts the formation of structures that make up the tissues, organs and cells in the body. Protein is made up of essential amino acids that are said to be the building blocks of muscle. They help to steadily offer greater gains in total body mass, muscle strength, thigh mass, and fat-free mass.

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2 – Increases Physical Performance

Some protein supplements come with creatine, a nitrogenous organic acid that is produced from amino acids. It has been found that high intensity athletes who consume 3g of creatine every day benefit a great deal from these supplements as they see an increase in their physical performance during short, high intensity exercise workouts.

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3 – Protein Supplements Repair Tissue

Protein does not only help to build muscle, but it also assists your body in repairing sore and damaged tissues. It restores every cell in the body as it is an essential building block for muscles, bones, skin, blood and cartilage. Protein is a macronutrient, so your body inevitably requires large amounts of it to sustain its many functions and operate optimally at all times.

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4 – Helps Athletes with Increased Protein Requirements

Individuals, who exercise, need to reach their protein requirements by consuming whole foods. For high intensity athletes, however, protein supplements are a good and practical option to reach their increased protein requirements rapidly after a workout. If you are thinking about using protein supplements, make sure they contain casein and whey protein. It helps to enhance the digestibility of the proteins consumed, corrects amino acids score and increases muscle mass in a desirable way.

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5 – They are Convenient and Easy to Use

You do not need to spend too much of time or know intricate cooking styles to consume protein supplements. They are quick and easy to use, so it is convenient if you do not have enough time to spare but are specifically attempting to up the protein content in your meals without increasing the calorie or fat content to a great extent.

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6 – Protein Supplements help with Exercise-Induced Poor Appetite

There are people who encounter exercise-induced poor appetite. This usually occurs after a high intensity exercise or workout. During such times, individuals prefer protein supplements such as protein shakes when compared to whole foods. It helps to go down your system in a faster way since liquids are digested more quickly than solid foods and offer you the right quantity of nutrients that are required by your body.

Which Protein is Ideal for You?

For those looking to enhance muscle and improve health, whey protein is the most favorable supplement that can be taken. If you want to judge the quality of protein, you need to take into account its Biological Value (BV). Proteins that consist of a high BV generally promote growth. The higher the BV, the better the protein is digested, utilized and preserved by the body.

The BV of whey is around 104 while the BV of a whole egg is approximately 100. For whole milk, the BV is about 91 while the BV of beef is 80, casein is 77, soy is 74, wheat is 54 and the BV of beans is 49.

Having said that, it is vital to remember that you cannot judge proteins solely on their Biological Value as certain foods may come with a lower BV but are equipped with additional useful properties.

When Should You Consume Proteins?

A lot of people wonder when the right time to consume proteins is. Well, the best time to give your body a protein boost is immediately after a workout. Giving your body the right amount of protein after a workout routine provides your system with the fuel it needs to heal and grow muscle.

You also need to supply your body with a constant protein flow. It’s best to consume small meals that are high in protein at about three to four hour intervals. This helps your muscles heal faster. Also, make sure you have a protein-rich breakfast to kick start the day. Before you go to bed, you can take a slow burning protein such as cottage cheese or a protein drink. This ensures your muscles get an adequate amount of protein even while you catch up on sleep, as when you are sleeping, the protein in your body will deplete.

How much protein should you consume?

The minimum amount of protein you need to take in to build muscle is one gram of protein per pound of body weight. If you consume any additional proteins, it helps to enhance the body’s healing process. There is no such thing as the maximum amount of protein one can take in as it is not possible for someone to have too much of protein.

If you are consuming great amounts of protein, however, you need to make sure that you supplement your diet with adequate amounts of magnesium and calcium. Muscles need high amounts of protein in order to grow and repair, besides, three quarters of the solids in your body account to be protein.

To wrap up

No matter if you are thinking of building your body or enhancing your performance in sports, proteins help to achieve your target goal with ease. With the presence of protein supplements, consuming an adequate doze only becomes easier and gives a boost to your physical activity and overall health in a desirable way. Protein supplements are easily available in local super markets, medical stores, or you can buy them online on Amazon or HealthKart at discounted prices. Also, there is an advantage if you buy online, you could avail Amazon coupons or HealthKart coupons to get a discount on your purchase.

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