Hood the Wood and Be Monsoon ready!!!

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Hip Hip Hooray! It is soon gonna be a monsoon day. Monsoon is the favourite season for many and why not? After a long hot summer, the monsoon showers cool the atmosphere and the hearts. But when you are busy looking forward to soaking yourself to the first rains, do not forget to take care of wood in your house which calls for special care this season. We share with you some tips to take care of the wooden furniture in your house so that you are monsoon ready.

Maintenance only!

protecting wooden furniture during monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

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Monsoon is the season for maintenance and not the season for renovation or beautification. Hence, do not try to paint or polish wood at your home during monsoon as it may adversely affect your wood. Try to get this done before the onset of monsoon or wait for it to get over until you start this enhancement.

Keep the moisture away

protecting wooden furniture from moisture during monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

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You need to protect from moisture as the wood will be damaged. Hence, move wooden furniture away from windows and doors where it can’t come in contact with the raindrops. Maximise cross ventilation to ensure that it remains dry. When the sun shines, get the wood out in the sun for a while. However, direct sunlight can affect the beauty of your fine furniture. Use blinds or shades to filter the harsh rays.


tips to protect wooden furniture during monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

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Camphor or naphthalene balls do a great job of soaking the moisture. They will help protect the clothes as well as the wardrobes from termites and pests. Neem leaves or cloves may also serve the purpose.

how to protect wooden furniture during monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

Swelling of doors and drawers is the most common problems with wood during rains. Moisture causes the doors and drawers to get stuck. Use of oil or other lubricants prevent absorption of moisture, thereby tackling this problem.


protecting wooden furniture monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

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Keeping the house clean is the least thing you can do to ensure that you have the right moisture levels which is conducive to the wood in the house. Air conditioners or dehumidifiers be come to your rescue here. When you clean the wooden furniture, ensure that you use a dry soft cloth to keep the dust away. This needs to be done regularly so that the finish of the furniture is retained forever. With laminates or sunmica you have the liberty of using soap/water or other cleaning agents.

Keep the distance

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Rainy season means that water can seep into the walls. If your wooden furniture comes in contact with these damp walls, it may lead to irreversible damage. Basic step to keep your wooden furniture few inches away from the walls, will protect the furniture from this loss.

Wooden floorings

wooden furniture protection during monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

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Wooden floorings look elegant and stylish. However, monsoon season will cause a havoc for you, if proper care is not taken. Cupping of wooden boards (edges higher than the center) can occur when water spills on the wooden floor or during monsoons due to high moisture and it may be a while before it is restored to normalcy. Wax them appropriately before hand to ensure they are free from moisture. Spray-on wax is recommended for best results.

You need to truly live by the principle- Prevention is better than cure. Using of the right water-resistant materials for construction of the furniture will save you from a lot of trauma due to monsoon damage.

By following these tips before the monsoon arrive, you will really have a relaxed day out in the rains, without having to worry about the wood back home. You can spend time listening to the rhythm on the falling rain drops rather than rushing for cover for your furniture. Have a blessed monsoon!

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