Prepaway 5 Reasons for Getting MTA Certification with Microsoft 98-375 Exam

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Microsoft is globally known for developing the most used software across the globe. Windows OS, Microsoft Office, and Skype are some of the essential inventions that Microsoft has developed to ease the way of conducting business. Some of these technologies require advanced skills to manage, deploy, and operate. The Microsoft company also trains and certifies IT professionals on various technologies that are widely adopted in the industry. Microsoft 98-375 exam is aimed at enlightening IT professionals with the utmost knowledge in HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals. Read on to learn more about this test Study Exam Collection.

Microsoft 98-375 exam details

98-375 is a qualifying exam for the MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certification. MTA is the entry-level credential in the Microsoft certification track. In order to earn the MTA certification, candidates must pass one exam in their field of interest. Some of the exams that can also earn you the MTA certification include:

  • 98-361 – Software Development Fundamentals
  • 98-367 – Security Fundamentals
  • 98-364 – Database Fundamentals
  • 98-383 – Introduction to CSS and HTML Programming
  • 98-388 – Introduction to Java Programming

As you plan to get the MTA certification, it is important to choose an appropriate exam that focuses on the skills and knowledge you want to acquire. Suppose you have a passion for HTML5 application development, then Microsoft 98-375 exam is perfect for you. It will enlighten you with profound knowledge and skills in developing the User Interface (UI) with HTML5, application life cycle management, coding using JavaScript, and formatting UI using CSS.

To get an understanding of various HTML5 Application Development concepts, you have to prepare appropriately. The perfect preparation options that can help you get a solid knowledge of 98-375 exam topics include:

1. Video training

This is ideal for getting hands-on skills because every practical concept is duly illustrated by the instructor. You will also understand how to eliminate the errors that may occur during coding since it is a common problem which candidates face when using JavaScript and CSS. Perfect instructor-led training for the 98-375 test is offered by PrepAway. Join this course today, and you will study everything about HMTL5 Application Development and save some money on preparation materials.

2. Group discussions

Two heads are better than one! Joining a focused group discussion can be an important step in ensuring that you grasp the relevant skills and knowledge in HTML5. The main advantage of a group discussion is that your peers will be able to share different techniques of building UI using HTML5 with you.

3. 98-375 exam dumps

This is the most important option that you should never skip if you are looking forward to gaining your MTA credentials. Prep Away provides you with a great collection of exam dumps which covers all the concepts of 98-375 exam. 

The above three preparation options are all you need to prepare for the 98-375 test. Remember, all concepts in the 98-375 exam are practical-oriented, and you need to do everything possible to acquire hands-on skills. Upon getting certified, there will be a lot of benefits coming your way as an IT professional. I received the MTA certification two years ago; now, I am going to share all the benefits of getting this credential.

1. A strong foundation in IT

Information technology is the backbone of every business in the world. Many developments are done every day to ensure that businesses are done easier. Microsoft 98-375 exam builds a strong skill set that allows using HTML5 to come up with solutions for real-life problems. This is because you will be involved in actual coding and designing of UI using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Get certified for a lifetime

Unlike other certifications that will require you to recertify after every three years, MTA certification is for a lifetime. Once you have got it, you do not need to worry about the expiry date. However, it is important to advance to other credentials such as MCSA, MCSE, and role-based certifications to update your knowledge.

3. Get jobs easily

I have been applying for many jobs in different offices here in Toronto, Canada. I never got a chance of being called for an interview even in a single job. But after I got certified, all eyes were on my resume. The MTA certification boosts your CV and proves your competency to your employers.

4. Promotions

If you have been looking for promotions in your company, then the MTA credential can make things work well for you. Employers prefer to promote professionals who have shown commitment to their career by taking a certification exam such as Microsoft 98-375. Besides, credentials prove that you have the ability to lead a team of technicians because MTA certification equips you with the ultimate knowledge to perform technical tasks in an organization.

5. Work anywhere

Microsoft is globally recognized, and every organization knows the importance of having a Microsoft certified professional. As a result, your skills will be accepted in every country, wherever you go. Therefore, you will not be limited in any way as thousands of opportunities across the world are waiting for you.

Job opportunities

MTA certified professionals earn a basic salary of around $57,000 per year according to Below are some of the job opportunities for MTA certified specialists:

  • Web Developer
  • UI/UX Specialist
  • Web Designer

In a nutshell

Microsoft certifications are important for every IT professional because they equip you with the skills and knowledge that are in demand. MTA is a perfect start because it gives foundational knowledge in Information Technology. Get the best prep materials from PrepAway and you will pass the 98-375 exam easily!

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