Precious Stones and their Qualities for better health

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Luster, Glitter, Dazzling, Beautiful are some of the words that ravine through the mind when you hear the word precious stones. Precious stones in other words known as gemstones customarily used in jewelry, are used for healing and spirituality too. Now, what you usually do if you possess a diamond or ruby or any other precious stone? The very first thought one gets in mind is the dazzling jewelry of course. But do you really know these stones serve health benefits also? Yes, they impart power when they are worn next to skin.

Let us now educate our self about the precious stones. Gemstones are classified as precious and semi-precious stones and it dates back to ancient Greeks. You may be wondering which one is precious and which one is semi-precious!!!

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The classification goes something like this – Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald are the precious stones and the rest are semi-precious stones. In the recent days gemologists identify the gem stones and also outline the gemstone characteristics using technical terminology. One of such characteristic used by gemologist is the chemical composition like diamond is made of carbon(c) and rubies are made of aluminium oxide.

The usage of gemstones is the state-of-the-art since ancient times, that adds up to its significance. It is believed that precious stones when worn next to skin will transmit a sort of energy and divine power. They are said to be the archive of dispensation transmitted when it comes in contact with human body. Kings, queens, and even the priests of different religion elicit the advantages of these gemstones, nobody is an exception!

You may be wondering how these gemstones bring health benefits to humans!!! Here are some explanations; all the gemstones have magnetic power in varying degrees which is used in therapeutic cures. They also emit vibrations and frequencies that have an impact on the whole being, they are said to create strong energy fields which in turn will energize us.

Shall we explore the health benefits of some of the precious stones right away?

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Diamond: It is an energy amplifier which never requires recharging. It purifies and detoxifies the body systems. It builds up the strength, stamina and rebalances the metabolism. It finds its use in treating allergies and chronic conditions. It is used for treating dizziness, vertigo benefitting the brain. It is also used in treating glaucoma clearing eyesight.

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Yellow Sapphire: People who are usually suffering from frequent cough, fever, foul smell, and kidney related diseases find better results by wearing this stone next to skin. The person wearing this is known to benefit with health, physical power and state of mental peace.

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Emerald: This stone is mostly used in treating the disorders of heart, lungs, spine and muscular system. It detoxifies the lever and pacifies diabetes. It also soothes the eyes and improves vision. It helps in recovery after infectious illness.

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Semiprecious stones are also homologous to the precious stones in their healing power. Many such examples can be inured, like Amber and turquoise are used in curing Asthma, Ruby in Zoizite is used in curing Cancer, Aquamarine is used in curing Liver related illness, Jet Lag can be overcome by using Hematite, Amethyst is used in curing diabetes, the list goes on…..

Beauty or health precious stone fascinates young and old. It is worth giving a try using these precious stones. They make you look pretty, keeping your body and mind healthy.

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