Porsche to launch Macan in India by mid-year

May 6, 2014 Porsche to launch Macan in India by mid-year @TheRoyaleIndia 374 0 0

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What model? Porsche Macan? Where? India! You read it right, we just restate, German car-maker Porsche has uncovered the Macan SUV in India this year. We are simply thrilled to reveal its specs!!

At the first glimpse, it’s hard to tell the difference between Porsche Macan and Cayenne. This SUV is innovative, compact and has a sporty silhouette. The Macan series has intelligent and more hard-line cut, the roofline plunge downward towards the rear and the windscreen at the back is more rigorously raked. The outsized steering wheel and fixed posture make it appear fairly special.

The Indian version of Porsche Macan is presented in Turbo and Diesel option. The Turbo edition is likely to be power-driven by 3.6-litre, six cylinder engine that produce about 400 Hp of power with about 550 Nm of torque. Another edition, S diesel is mechanized by 3.0 Liter engine competent of producing about 260 hp of power with 580 Nm of torque.

While the Turbo is capable of achieving a top speed of about 266 kmph, the car clocks about 0 – 100 kmph time at a notable 4.8 seconds. The S diesel edition is able to accomplish 230 kmph and clocks about 0 – 100kmph in just about 6.3 seconds. Both the versions are anticipated to be instigated with an all wheel drive train.

The interiors are equally striking. The extensive innermost console with its selection of push button gives a feel of traveling in a cockpit; the steering controls and the height of the dashboard makes it predominantly sporty. The large front seats and the automatic doors are incredible! The back seat is also supportive and comfy.

All said, the Macan is evidently the sportiest SUV in its segment. The expected price for the Porche Macan is approximately Rs. 70 lakh for the diesel variant, and goes as far as Rs 90 lakh for the fully-loaded Macan Turbo. Both of which will be brought to the country via the CBU route. So, if you are hunting for a sporty SUV, this ought to be it.

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