Popular Sitcom Dharma and Greg to air again on Romedy NOW

November 3, 2014 Popular Sitcom Dharma and Greg to air again on Romedy NOW! @TheRoyaleIndia 1084 0 0

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Decades back, the television shows trend was a lot more different. Remember the early 90s era? When our beloved T.V. sets aired some amazing straight face British comedies and the craze of American SitComs (back then situational comedy was an alien thing, wasn’t it!!!) And when we say American sitcoms; FRIENDS is the first title that pops in our mind (oh yes, every single time). After the success of Friends, there were number sitcoms that gained popularity; one of them was the hilariously comical Dharma and Greg!

Yes, the show which began almost a decade ago is all set to again go live on Romedy NOW and will be aired starting November 3rd 2014, Monday to Friday at 7:30pm (IST). So are you guys ready to go silly and funny all over again with Dharma Freedom Finkelstein and Greg Montgomery?

dharma and greg @TheRoyaleIndia

Dharma & Greg – The Plot

Dharma and Greg started in the year 1997. The first Episode was aired on September 24th 1997 and the show went on for 5 seasons with the season finale being aired on 30th April 2002. This sitcom is about a mismatched unusual couple who end up marrying each other on their very first date. It perfectly manages to strike a chord with the audience. Despite being totally opposite personalities the couple decides to tie a knot and then the fun begins! There could hardly be any odder match, but as love knows no boundaries and reasons, it just happens! (Ever thought of marrying a person who annoys you every single moment?)

Thomas Gibson, playing Greg Montgomery, golden spoon son of a successful businessman Edward Montgomery falls madly in love with the most uncertain and utterly unconventional Dharma Finkelstein. Dharma, played by Jenna Elfman, happens to be the true daughter of the socialite couple Larry and Abby Finkelstein. Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson have played their characters at their wackiest best and have done true justice to the storyline and scripts.

dharma and greg season 1 @TheRoyaleIndia

First glance, First episode: Take a look!

Back then we all eagerly waited for each and every episode; I know most of us just love the show and have watched all the episodes in and out. Seen it or not — But here’s a possibility that you guys might have missed on the hilarious introduction of Dharma and Greg! Yes… the very first episode…if you did miss it, Romedy NOW gives you an opportunity to catch-up again.

The show concept was created by 20th Century Fox Television, along with Producers Chuck Lorre and More Medavoy. The show bagged 8 Golden Globe Nominations, 6 Emmy Awards nominations, and a few Primetime Emmy awards as well!!! With such a triumph and series of achievements, the show continues to rule our hearts even today. I am dead sure that all of us are definitely going to tune in to Romedy NOW and start watching Dharma & Greg all over again and going to have a good laugh like never before!! After all, the best can never get old. What say? 😉

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