Here’s How To Find All The Pokémon Stops and Gyms in Mumbai

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Although Pokémon Go is not yet officially available to the Indian audiences, the game has still managed to find its way to millions of smartphones in the country. Sometimes while walking across the street, you find a bunch of individuals flocking to a particular spot while constantly staring at their phones. Well, then there’s probably a Pokémon Stop right there.

But, that’s definitely not the most pleasant way to locate a Pokémon stop or a gym in your locality. You cannot just practically walk around trying to figure out a crowded spot and then expecting it to be a Pokestop or a gym.

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Pokestops and gyms are usually found in the most prominent spots, and if you are someone residing on the outskirts or probably the less famous locations in the city, you know the task is tough.

Currently, there are numerous websites that claim to inform the players about the nearest Pokestop or a Pokegym. However, nothing can monitor the accuracy of these maps. But, that’s definitely not a good reason to be disappointed. To make things easy for you, we have shortlisted a few locations in Mumbai where you are sure to find a good number of Pokestops and Pokegyms.

Santacruz East is a happening spot

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Starting from the western suburbs, we have Santacruz, a place populated with a decent number of Pokestops. If you happen to pass by Sen Nagar or the Railway Colony, take a halt, as that’s where you are bound to find a good number of Pokestops. If you are heading towards the Santacruz – Chembur link Rd., you have another great chance to “catch ‘em all”.

Borivali isn’t bad either

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Head towards Borivali and you can find several pokestops near the Royal Garden Resort and Mahatma Gandhi Road.

Let’s go to Malad

Malad East and West, both turn out to be hot spots for Pokémon players. On the West, you can find a handful at Malad Shopping Center, Tilak Chowk and Infinity Mall. Gautam Nagar on the west is where some Pokestops can be found.

Don’t miss out on Kanjurmarg

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On the other side of the city, Kanjurmarg has a pretty decent number of Pokestops. A few can be found at Jyotiba Phule Nagar, Kanjurmarg railway station and the BSNL colony.

Pokémon loves Thane

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If Thane is the place you frequently travel to, make sure you are somewhere close to Naupada, Bhakti Mandir or Louis Wadi. These areas are surrounded by a good number of stops and Pokegyms. Unfortunately, Wagle Industrial Estate, which is the prime commercial hub in Thane, is not a favourable spot to find Pokestops.

Navi Mumbai is just catching up

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It seems like Navi Mumbai isn’t a pleasant spot for Pokémon. So, if you reside in places like Vashi, or Nerul, you know life is tough when it comes to hunting down a Pokémon. There are currently not too many stops and gyms here, but you may find a few at Kharghar, near the golf course, sector 20, sector 17 and sector 11. And if you are having a stroll across the CIDCO Bhavan in CBD, you have a good chance of catching a handful.

Other locations in the country

Now, let’s move out of Mumbai and talk a bit about the other cities in India. Starting with Pune, you may want to get to the Hinjewadi area in Pune. Viman Nagar too has a good number of gyms.

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Suraj kund in South Delhi currently has two gyms with a diameter of 2km. One of these is controlled by Pinsir which has a max CP of 2121.

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Interestingly, it was noticed that a good number of Pokémons are found in temples. Probably these Pokémons are turning a bit sanskari then.

Keep in mind that pokestops and Pokegyms are usually found in hot spots such as a historical location, a crowded marketplace, a mall or a shopping centre. But, if lucky, you may also find one at the least expected place. So, keep looking around if you want to “catch em’ all”.

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