Pokémon Go: Time To Discover Pokémon In The Real World

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If you’ve been active on the internet over the last couple of weeks, you definitely came across news article headlines talking about ‘Pokémon Go’. However, at first, you probably ignored it thinking it’s just another silly game. Days later, you realise everyone is talking about the game, your neighbours, friends, wife and even your mother-in-law. Oh man! And now you feel like you’ve been living in the Stone Age.

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So, what did you miss? Well, a lot of stuff. But, this article will help you catch up with all of that. Here is what the game all about?

Developed by Nintendo, Pokémon was first launched back in the 1990s. The game involves ‘trainers’ who travel around trying to catch monsters named ‘Pokémon’. These include dragons, rats and a few more weird creatures. The prime motive of the trainer is to catch all Pokémon creatures and turn into a Pokémon master.

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Pokémon Go’ is quite like its previous handheld consoles versions of the game, but with an entirely different touch. However, the goal remains the same. You got to catch all those Pokémon and this time in the real world. The game uses the augmented reality to bring the characters of the game alive.

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It uses the GPS in your phone to decide the spot where a particular Pokémon will appear. For instance, if you are having a stroll in a garden, you may come across bugs. Fairies and ghosts may make a visit in the night. The best thing about this game is that it makes you move around physically in search of monsters. So, if you are looking for a good way to burn those extra calories, this may be a good one.

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The game is available as a free download for iOS and Android. But, if you are someone residing here in India, you’ll have to wait for a while.

Pokémon Go also includes PokeStops, a real-world spot where players can meet. By using real money, you can buy stuff that will lure Pokémon to such spots.

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In case you intend to play the game somewhere down the line, here are a few tips that will turn you into a pro.

  • If you come across a Pokémon surrounded with a yellow circle, it means it has a high CP (Combat Power).

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  • You can use incense to tempt Pokémon to come towards you. If you happen to run out of incense, you can buy more. But, if you do not wish to do so, run to a PokeStop that is sufficiently populated.

  • Spin the Pokémon ball to give it a curve by drawing a circle around your PokeBall. This will help you get a curveball bonus.

  • Every time you find eggs at a PokeStop put them in an incubator inside your backpack. As you are walking, the eggs will get incubated and eventually hatch, giving you more rewards.

  • It is possible to turn off the camera while you are trying to capture a Pokémon.

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  • In case you realise your battery is draining too fast, go to the battery saver option in the settings menu.

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All of that does sound exciting. However, Pokémon Go is not the first game to introduce Artificial Intelligence on such an intense level. We have seen a few more in the past, but they seem to have gone with the wind. Then why is Pokémon Go making all that buzz? Well, ones who’ve played the other forms of this games a couple of decades back, will find it to be nostalgic. And then there were a few who wished the Pokémon came to life. For them, Pokémon Go is literally a dream come true.

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