Places That Should Exist Part Two

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Middle Earth, Narnia, El Dorado… places that don’t exist – but should. These are just a few of the fascinating realities that have appealed to generations upon generations and were covered in part one of our series.. So continuing now, in part 2, are some more enchanting and bewitching alternate realities which have captivated the imagination of the masses.


Atlantis – Place That Should Exist @TheRoyaleIndia

Atlantis has been subject to much controversy ever since Plato mentioned it in his works. Some people believe this legendary island to be mere fiction, others believe it to exist – hidden from the sight of us mortals. Over numerous aeons, the city of Atlantis has increasingly become shrouded in a mist of the supernatural and obscure. This city is now presumed to the home of a advanced god-like civilization descended from the sea-god Poseidon. This wonderful land is believed to be claimed by the sea, and lost in its depths. The magical land of Atlantis…lets hope it won’t be lost for long!


Home of late-running rabbits in waistcoats, grinning Cheshire cats, tea-loving Mad Hatters and tyrannical playing cards, Wonderland truly lives up to its name. The magnum opus of Lewis Carroll, Wonderland is every child’s (and otherwise’s) dream. With floating caterpillars and magical food with peculiar effects, this place engraves itself in ones memories. The best part? You get to go down the rabbit hole! The white roses get painted red, the Knave of Hearts is a tart lover and the frequent ‘Off with his head’ – can  only happen in Wonderland. Could it get any better?


Pandora – Place That Should Exist @TheRoyaleIndia

This is the stunning land where the Academy Award winner Avatar was set. Pandora is the same size and shape of the Earth, but yet radically different in terms of the incredible geography and  biodiversity. Inhabited by the blue-hued Na’vi, who are twice the size of humans, Pandora is a visual masterpiece. Clumps of air hanging in mid-air, bioluminescent creatures who glow vividly in shades of blue, violet and green and dragon-like creatures – Pandora does not disappoint.


Far Far Away

Far Far Away – Place That Should Exist @TheRoyaleIndia

Almost every fairy- tale starts with the words, “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…” . This very idea was adapted by the makers of the Shrek franchise, and thus the land of Far Far Away was created. One has a chance of bumping into the characters one grew up with – Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Thumbelina, Sleeping Beauty, the Three Pigs, Goldilocks, Fairy Godmother and so many more. Additionally, this is also the home of Shrek, the awesome ogre and his sidekick, Donkey. Far Far Away, here I come!

The North Pole

Santa North Pole – Place That Should Exist @TheRoyaleIndia

Santa Claus in comin’ to town…and where does he come from? Yes, that’s right – the North Pole. The beloved Santa – the symbol of Christmas and every kid’s hero, lives in the North Pole. The North Pole is also the hub of all the gift-making activity and the dwelling of hundreds of elves. Christmas spirit all year around, with the flying sleigh to boot, North Pole is right out of the land of dreams. And maybe, it is precisely that – a dream.

Fictitious places are loved and remembered for many reasons – some for their stunning beauty, some for their amazing creatures, and yet others for the chance they offer to live your hero’s life. * Sigh * If only these amazing places existed…

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