Places that should exist Part One

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Over the generations, humankind has thought of innumerable fictitious places and alternate realities that have always fascinated it. Some of these places are myths, some are a work of a literary genius, while others have made their presence felt in popular culture through movies. All of these not-so-real realities have made an impact on society. So here a few of these “realities” which ensnared mankind’s imagination.

Middle Earth

Middle Earth – Place that should exist @TheRoyaleIndia

Middle Earth, of course, tops the list. Created by the prodigal J.R.R Tolkien, and incredibly detailed with intricate histories and fantastic creatures – who also have their own, fully-structured language, Middle Earth sometimes seems more real than some actual countries. Also, further popularized by the LOTR movie trilogy, Middle Earth is geographically stunning too : mountains, volcanoes, forests, deserts and seas – all in one place! Who wouldn’t want this place to exist?


Narnia – Place that should exist @TheRoyaleIndia

Another stunning world full of fawns, mermaids, centaurs,talking beavers and majestic lions, Narnia is the creation of the genius, C.S. Lewis. This place has- and will- always capture the heart of the young, as well as the old. This reality too, was highly promoted by the adapted film franchise. Another awesome part of Narnia is that time passes differently here – several years in this magical land may be only a few seconds on Earth. Narnia is definitely a place that should have existed.

El Dorado

Eldorao – Place that should exist @TheRoyaleIndia

El Dorado is the name of the mythical ‘Lost City of Gold’, buried deep within the Amazonian Delta. There are many believers of its existence, the foremost of them being the Spanish Conquistadors, especially Francisco de Orellana, who was the first person to travel the length of the Amazon – just searching for this treasure. El Dorado, with its elusive promises of unimaginable opulence and riches, has claimed many lives of those who dare to search for it. And thus this legendary place remains just that – a legend.


Hamunaptra – Place that should exist @TheRoyaleIndia

This place is the mysterious “City of the Dead”, from the famous action thriller ‘The Mummy’. Hamunaptra, located in the heart of the Sahara, is the final resting place of the Pharaohs of Egypt and their accumulated wealth. Though this immense necropolis unleashed evil mummies in the world and generally (almost) caused it to come into the evil dominion of Imhotep, Hamunaptra is still fascinating. It would be awesome if any ‘City of the Dead’ existed – for the utter coolness of it being around, if nothing else.

Centre of the Earth

Centre of the earth – Place that should exist @TheRoyaleIndia

The Centre of the Earth, painted wonderfully in our minds by Jules Verne, is the one fictitious place that anyone would wish to visit – and live in. Beautiful and enchanting, full of astounding creatures, including pre-historic beasts (dinosaurs!), the Centre of the Earth is a dream – literally and figuratively. Much of Jules Verne’s ‘fiction’ is now proved to be possible, like the Journey from Earth to Moon (accomplished), Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (accomplished), Around the World in Eighty Days (accomplished), and many others. So, lets not lose hope yet, maybe there soon will be the Centre of the Earth everyone dreams of…

Fictitious places are loved and remembered for many reasons – some for their stunning beauty, some for their amazing creatures, and yet others for the chance they offer to live your hero’s life. * Sigh * If only these amazing places existed…

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