PK’s Teaser – Quirky Enough

October 24, 2014 PK's Teaser - Quirky Enough @TheRoyaleIndia 689 0 0

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Having known to incite curiosity through out-of-the-box ideas for each of his films, Aamir Khan has deftly done the same for his upcoming film PK. The just released PK’s teaser has Aamir in gaily colored attires across typical Indian city vistas. He is shown to be a sharp observer who is fascinated with the happenings around him. Oh yes!! Anushka has given voice to this teaser and addressing PK as a “namoona”.

pk motion poster @TheRoyaleIndia

You can watch him peeing in public, sporting paan stained lips and even robbing off with clothes of young couples making out. His character seems to be a quirky one, the one that could get you in bursts of laughter all throughout the movie. Assuming, the character of PK is of a nonsensical person, you could expect an underlying message in the movie….that’s our hunch after all!!

Beginning with the PK poster, where Aamir had daringly posed nude with a bulky transistor covering his modesty ( indeed, this one caused a couple of debate across the “modest” Indian society), the next one showed him attired in a ethnic garb of an Indian traditional musician holding a brass sousaphone, followed by a surprising change in the third movie poster which had Anushka Sharma sporting a cropped hair style and in an oversized policeman’s uniform.

Slated to release on December 19, 2014, this Raj Kumar Hirani film includes Boman Irani, Sushant Singh Rajput and Saurabh Shukla in other lead roles.

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