Pet Friendly Travel Locations in India

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Are you a pet owner who cannot spare a moment without your pet? Maybe that’s the reason why you are hesitant to plan your annual travel/holiday trip? Well, no longer as in India too, there are quite a few pet friendly retreats that welcome your pets with open arms and treat them in style too.

To begin with we give a list of some pet friendly retreats located in the lap of nature that will rejuvenate you and your pets… that does give you a reason to smile…right?

Emerald Trail – Bhimtal, Nainital

Emerald Trail – Bhimtal, Nainital @TheRoyaleIndia

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Emerald Trail is an eco-friendly natural resort located in just 9 kms away from the Bhimtal lake. Located at an altitude of 7000 ft above sea level, you will surely love the 3 acre spread of the Emerald Trail. In fact, pets can roam across the entire property without any cover. They can share the room with their owners and are provided with separate bed and food bowls. Also, home cooked food is provided as per their eating preferences. With vet on call and pet sitting services courtesy the hotel staff, you tour the vicinity without worrying about your pets.

Greenex Farms - Wayanad

Greenex Farms - Wayanad @TheRoyaleIndia

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Greenex Farms takes the experience of God’s Own Country to another level. Located in the midst of the forest and very close to nature, your pet will feel at home at Greenex Farms. Let your pet be the guide as you embark on a nature trail, follow him/her and uncover the deep secrets of the landscape. Trust the friendly staff to not only extend a warm welcome to your pet but look after them equally well. Soak in the pool or go for a healthy walk or enjoy the sunset in leisure with your loved ones… make sure you take lovely memories home with you

Umaid Bhawan, Jaipur

Umaid Bhawan, Jaipur @TheRoyaleIndia

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Your pet deserves the same ‘Rajashahi’ that you dreamt of once upon a time! Operated by the royal Rathores, Umaid Bhawan, a heritage hotel that has so much open space that your pet will spend much of the time exploring it. Also, the hotel staff is well trained and capable of handling pets. And yes, you do need to inform them in advance about your arrival with the pet.

Camp Della Resort, Lonavala

Camp Della Resort, Lonavala @TheRoyaleIndia

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Della is a heaven for pets as well as their owners. Camp Della Resort has 12 dogs of different breeds on site and hence your pets are most welcome to be a part of the family. Amongst the pets, service dogs are allowed on the entire premise if they are assisting their visually impaired owners. All other pets are not allowed in restaurants, meeting rooms, spa, ball rooms, etc. Della boasts to be India’s first pet friendly luxury resort and rightly so as pets are indulged in warmly as their other guests.

The Dune Eco Village and Spa, Pondicherry

The Dune Eco Village and Spa, Pondicherry @TheRoyaleIndia

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Come closer to nature as you unwind at the Dunes Eco village and spa. The village ambiance full of greenery and cool khus formed huts to reside in make you feel calm and peaceful. Dunes being a pet friendly hotel, you can unwind with your pet too and share with him/her many mischievous and frolicking moments. Rest assured of your pet receiving a warm loving reception meted out by the well trained staff at the Dunes.

Vacationing with your pet is now a dream come true. Also, if you do swear by any other pet friendly retreats feel free to share those in the comments below.

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