Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

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Tailed, beaked, finned, winged, shelled, feathered or furred, every pet inadvertently becomes the apple of its owner’s eyes. No matter how well poised at ingenious notorieties, parting from the pets during travels holds little charm for their human keepers. Understanding the dilemma of leaving these beloveds behind, at pet care centers or abodes of volunteering friends, several resorts across India have started welcoming pets wholeheartedly. However, resorts that accept pets as guests differ in their hospitable offerings. The pet-tolerant resorts only allow human guests to live with their darlings whereas the pet friendly resorts provide an array of special amenities for the friends of humanity. No matter whether you are travelling to India from abroad or planning holidays within the country with your pets, there are plenty of options of pet friendly resorts to choose from. Following is a list of seventeen of the best of them to aid your search and share the labor of love.

1. Greenex Farms, Wayanad, Kerala

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Stationed in the middle of an expansive coffee plantation, the Greenex Farms, Wayanad, Kerala is a cozy getaway for city weary pet lovers and their urbanized friends of other species. Instead of imposing heart-wrenching restrictions, limiting the movements of pets, Greenex Farms allows them to roam without leash or restraint if their parents are mindful enough to prevent them from giving the other guests a fright. The pets can accompany guests to Avira, the restaurant with scenic view on top of the resort and relish some tasty treats themselves. During summers, the cool natural pond in this resort cum coffee plantation becomes pleasant bathing pool for the canine travel partners. Huge open spaces at this farm ensure that the pets get their necessary exercise and fresh air.

2. Vivanta by Taj, Kovalam, Kerala

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

If you are looking for a premium stay in Kerala with your pet then Vivanta by Taj at Kovalam can be the ideal choice. However, the exquisitely Royal Taj stay is available only at extra charges per night for pets. The experienced hospitality personnel at Vivanta will offer every help you need for keeping the canine and feline munchkins safe, well-fed and rested. Pets are provided with pet food, toys and comfortably snug beds for their good night’s sleep. Parents wishing to leave pets at the suite may hire specially trained staffs of the hotel for babysitting them on their stead, of course at some added charges. Built on sprawling 10 acres of space, this backwater resort offers wide-spread expanses for walks with pets.

3. The Four Seasons, Mumbai

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

This resort is known among avid pet lovers for their affable hospitality towards pets along with a number of tailored amenities just for them. At The Four Seasons, Mumbai pets get VIP treatment equal to their human companions. All varieties of pets will get their own bed at this resort along with feeding bowls, playthings and foods as per their gastronomical choices. Pet parents will have to dole out a supplementary charge of INR 1,500 per night for cleaning in addition to government taxes levied on stays with pets. Despite the wholesome range of privileges there are also some conditions for bringing pets to The Four Seasons. This resort only allows well-trained pets weighing 15kg or less, restrained by owners from littering hotel’s lobby, passages or other areas. Pets are not to be left alone in hotel rooms as they may frighten the unaware cleaning staffs or room service of the hotel.

4. Fraser Suites, New Delhi

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

To reside at the luxurious Fraser Suites in New Delhi with your precious pets, you will first have to get them certified by WHO, proving that they are properly vaccinated and well-trained. This hotel offers express check-in service for guests who come to stay with pets, making sure that guests in the lobby of the hotel are not bemused or scared unnecessarily. This hotel restricts pets from entering the public areas such as gym, restaurant and corridors and doesn’t allow them to pass through the lobby. The good thing about Fraser Suites hospitality towards pets is that they ask for no extra charges for their stays and allow up to two pets in a room. Pets are also provided with separate suitable utensils for feeding. Pet loving staffs at this hotel are well-versed in the norms of greeting pets and come to the assistance of pet owners in case the pets need emergency first aids or some other help.

5. Camp Della Resort, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

This is India’s largest extreme adventure luxury resort located in Lonavala, Maharashtra which can easily be awarded the title of a canine haven. The beautifully landscaped gardens decorated with fountains at Camp Della Resort create the perfect dog-walk for families visiting with their furry friends. A bevy of special facilities like pet beds, kennel, and specially cooked pet meals are available here. The resort also has staffs trained at pet sitting for times when the pet owners participate in activities like trekking or spur the adrenaline rush by trying the Rocket Ejector or Swoop Swing. Camp Della Resort has around 12 dogs of its own on the premises to keep the canine guests company.

6. Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Pet owners craving to travel “Far Away from the Maddening Crowd” but reluctant to leave their four limbed darlings behind should visit the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur. Established and run by Himmat Anand, a seasoned player of the hospitality industry and passionate dog lover, this resort welcomes pets, especially dogs with great ardor. The resort offers free check-ins for pets but asks extra charges for their meals. It has a number of guidelines for pet parents to follow such as keeping the pets in leash on the premises of the resort and leaving them in the room while going for lunch or dinner at the resort’s restaurant. Apart from these few constraints pets are offered luxurious facilities like taking dips at the plunge pool and going on village walks during their stays.

7. Elgin Hotels & Resorts, Darjeeling

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

The former summer palace of the King of Cooch Behar, Elgin Hotels & Resorts offers warm and courteous hospitality to pets. Located close to the famous Mall Road of Darjeeling, the heritage property provides food and resting facilities for the pets. Plush and spacious interiors never make guests or their pets feel claustrophobic, scrambling for footing room. The vintage beds and sofas inside the rooms enhance snoozing pleasure of cuddly felines. Another bonus of staying at the 125 year old property is the breathtaking view of Himalayan range and flower gardens to walk the pets. Brownies, cookies, scones and other delights served at afternoon tea time are sure to give your pets the true taste of an authentic vacation.

8. OG’s Beach Bungalow, Alleppey, Kerala

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Though while in Alleppey staying at the houseboats is the norm, if accompanied by the furry friends OG’s Beach Bungalow is the place to camp in. This avant-garde accommodation is likely to be less crowded than and you can also be the only guest at the bungalow, having ample space for the pets to roam and rest leisurely. The caretaker and his wife will prepare home style meals for your pets on request but it is advisable to carry some pet foods along. Clean rooms, timely services, lush lawn, unpolluted beaches and an open verandah make this bungalow the ideal retreat for pet lovers desiring a hassle-free trip with their lovelies.

9. The Dune Eco Village and Spa, Pondicherry

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Blending traditional architecture with modern amenities, The Dune Eco Village and Spa in Pondicherry offers a comfortable and reposeful vacation with pets, surrounded by natural abundance. Spread out on 35 acres of manicured grounds, this beachfront property offers more than ample space for the pets to run and frolic under the sun. The nearby beach of pristine gold like sand is well-suited for playing fetch with dogs or a relaxed walk with them in leash. This artist hotel consists of 55 bungalows, providing each family sufficient space in and around the accommodations for their pets’ well-being. Home to four canine playmates, this eco-friendly resort has great expertise in catering to the four-limbed guests. There are no restrictions on staying here with other species of pets than dogs. Being just twenty-minute away from Pondicherry on car, pets need not endure long rides to reach this destination.

10. Our Native Village, Hessarghatta, Bangalore

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

An eminent eco-resort near Bangalore, Our Native Village is determined to rejuvenate the bond that exists between nature and humanity. Home to a wide variety of farm animals including cows, ducks, chickens and goats, this resort is practiced in offering affable hospitality to pets and cater to their requirements. Pets can freely roam and even indulge in gaining acquaintance of the farm animals. Pets can also accompany parents in activities like kite flying, gilli danda, bullock cart rides and pottery making or sit on the carrier seat while they ride the bi-cycle. Delicious home style meals, decadent head massages and comparatively affordable tariffs make this a fantastic vacationing destination for pet lovers.

11. Kewzing Homestays, Kewzing Sikkim

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Perched on the cloud capped heights of Sikkim, the Kewzing Homestays offers one of a kind experience of holidaying with pets. This community based homestay has won accolades for serving pets as well as their human mates. Known for hearty meals cooked in its family kitchen, Kewzing Homestays offer healthy and customized foods for pets. Its convenient location makes it easy for pet owners to take their pets on walks or carrying them around. Cordial staffs at this homestay are adept at making friends with new pets, attentive towards their needs.

12. Presa di Goa Country House, Goa

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Surrounded by coconut palms waving their heads in welcome, the Presa di Goa Country House is a picturesque retreat for pets and their lovers. Fully furnished rooms with balconies looking out to the large outdoor pool create the perfect ambience for feline naps and canine slumbers. The resort is run by a Portuguese man, ready to help pet owners with all the commodities they need for taking care of their pets. Pets are allowed to play in the well-maintained gardens around the property under parental observation. Pet parents can also take their charge out for walks to the Baga beach located close to the country house.

13. The Himalayan Village, Himachal Pradesh

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Pet lovers desiring to immerse themselves in the majestic beauty of snow caped hills need to visit The Himalayan Village in Kasol, escorted by their darling pets. Situated beside the Parvati River, at the foothills of the Malana Village, this pet friendly resort looks straight out of fairytale books. Vast expanse of deodar forests around the resort renders a quiet only broken by bird-songs, calming the pets down and helping them to adjust quickly to their atmosphere. The Himalayan Village has the experience of catering to pets since the time of its inception. It has a kennel for the dogs but allows owners to keep them inside the cottages as per convenience and preference. The owner of the place, Mr. Dogra is an ardent dog lover who is always ready to give guests and their canine wonders a trip around the hotel. There is a huge lawn where pets can take their daily exercise.

14. Emerald Trail, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

If it is mountain and snow-capped peaks where you wish to go on an adventure with your pet, Emerald Trail atop the quaint hills of Bhimtal is another befitting choice. Nestled amidst the splendorous slopes of Kumaon valley, the Emerald Trail heartily welcomes pets and accommodates their needs with élan. Expert cooks at this resort will cook meals for pets according to their food habits, following specific instructions from the pet parents. The hotel staffs happily babysit the pets allowing the parents to go for sightseeing or trekking. Each pet guest at this hotel is offered special bowls and beds to their liking, further relieving pet owners off worries regarding their wellbeing.

15. Woods Villa Resort, Jaipur

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Only five kilometers away from Jaipur, right beside the Agra Road, Woods Villa Resort is famous among dog owners. It offers a home away from home feeling to pet owners and comprehensive amenities of comfort for the canine comrades. The rooms at this luxurious resort open towards the gigantic swimming pool and woods, letting the air pass and creating pleasant ambience for the pets to rest. Pet parents can directly communicate with the resort’s cooks telling them to prepare meals exactly as their pets like to eat. The three year old resident Boxer girl at this resort makes friends with every dog that comes for visit, keeping them lively and playful during the stay. What’s more, the pet loving hosts do not levy extra charges on pet stays.

16. Destiny Farm Resort, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

A premium farm-stay close to the popular hill destination, Ooty, Destiny Farm Resort is the ideal choice for idyllic vacations on the lap of Mother Nature. Having its own horde of farm pets that includes horses, cows, sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits and pigs, this resort knows how to take care of pets really well. It also houses farm dogs, friendly in disposition and well-behaved for playing with pet guests. Families with multiple pets and kids will love the outdoorsy ambience and sumptuous meals cooked with fresh produces at this resort.

17. Hinterland Village Getaway Resort, Cochin, Kerala

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Stretched over seven acres of woodland, the Hinterland Village Getaway Resort is another remarkable sanctuary for vacationing with pets. Lots of open spaces at this resort, marked with bamboo groves, gardens and playgrounds provide pets with adequate opportunity for running and exercising. Unlike some other resorts which exclusively cater to pooches, this resort welcomes all varieties of pets from cats and birds to bunnies. Also, pets need not be leashed at any time but one hour before 7 am and 1.5 hours between 4.30 pm to 6 pm, when the three dogs of the resort roam free on the grounds, getting their quota of exercise. This resort maintains one of the natural watering places on its grounds for the dogs to splash around. In addition to these privileges, Hinterland shows praise-worthy deftness in arranging pet bowls, pet beds, toys and pet foods. By notifying the resort authorities in advance, pet owners can also avail pet-sitting services at competitive charges.

As evident from the amazing pet-friendly resorts listed above, there is no scarcity of accommodations across India for travelling pets. Since these resorts are not equal in terms of services benefitting the pets, pet owners must compare their merit and check if the pets match their preconditions for staying aboard. In this way, they will be saved from surprises and inconveniences on arrival.

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