Penelope Cruz – The Sexiest Woman Alive

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Esquire has finally revealed who is the Sexiest Woman Alive! Ready? It is none other than (drumroll) Ms. Penelope Cruz!!! And with a good reason. We have learnt that a little mystery and a little coyness go a long way to entice people. Ms. Cruz is flawlessly beautiful, as can be seen in the image with her bedroom eyes, the innocent expression and the just-out-of-the-bed look. As Esquire puts it, “She is impossibly beautiful. When she walks into a room, men start walking into furniture”

esquire penelope cruz @TheRoyaleIndia

The Vicky Christina Barcelona star has bagged this coveted position after Scarlett Johansson was declared the sexiest woman last year. She is fiercely protective about her family (that’s why she wasn’t visible as much especially after the birth of her daughter last year), saying about her husband Javier Bardem and her two children, “That is for us”. Over the course of the interview Ms. Cruz mentioned that in her teens and twenties, she had an attraction to drama. When asked about her attraction now, she replied, “I could not be less interested”. She is currently filming and preparing for a Spanish film Ma Ma along with working on a movie, Grimsby, with Sacha Baron Cohen.

penelope cruz sexiest woman @TheRoyaleIndia

However, she doesn’t feel like the sexiest woman at all. No sir. She feels like a ‘mother who doesn’t get enough sleep’. Ms. Cruz, that explains your amazing hair do but not your beauty. But from The Royale we will like to congratulate you for this accolade and salute you for taking care of your family along with working equally hard!

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