7 Interesting And Fun Ways To Wear Pearls

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Pearls are simply elegant and timelessly beautiful. These secrets from the deep ocean are again making waves and are back in fashion. Just add a string of pearls to your outfit and it instantly oozes opulence and elegance.

These days, fashion aficionados are finding interesting and new ways to wear pearls. Forget about how your grandmother or even your mother used to wear pearls, go experimental and set trends with these adorable fashion accessories. In this article we have summed up 7 fun and refreshing ways to wear pearls in modern day fashion.

1. Go The Sonam Kapoor Way

sonam kapoor pearl saree @TheRoyaleIndia

Playing peek-a-boo with delicate pearls is a heavenly match. Just like how Sonam Kapoor added strings of elegant pearls to her Indian attire (sari), you too can go all desi and glamorous with such an elegant style.

2. Make A Bold Style Statement

pearl studded dress @TheRoyaleIndia

If you wish to wear something bold yet classy, why not wear dresses embellished with these delicate wonders. They definitely will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Try Layering It Right

layering pearls @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: tiffandjen.com

These days one of the hottest pearl styles is to throw-on multiple strands of pearls; that is to layer them up. To get the perfect layering effect, mix together pearls of different lengths and sizes.

multi-strand pearl necklace @TheRoyaleIndia

In fact, you can layer pearls not just with an evening outfit, but also with a day and even office wear. White isn’t the only colour; play around with black, peach, grey, brown, blue, silver, gold and more.

4. Pearl Hairdo

pearl hairdo @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: shopify.com

If you are not sure how to go about wearing pearls with your outfits, you can simply use beautiful pearl hair ornaments such as pearl decorated bobby pins (they are not just meant for brides). And in fact, you can start stringing single pierced pearls onto your hair strands to create a sophisticated and chic look for a party.

5. Pearl Anklet

pearl anklet @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: etsystatic.com

Have you ever tried wearing pearl anklets? They look fab and give a feminine and delicate touch to your feet. But as a word of caution, just make sure your feet are pedicured and well-nourished.

6. Pearl As Body Jewellery

pearl eyebrow piercing @TheRoyaleIndia

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Pearl eyebrow rings, navel rings or nose rings (or pins) are contemporary and creative ways to add an edgy gleam to the traditional ways of wearing pearls.

pearl belly piercing @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: bodypiercingmag.com

To make a fashion-rock statement with pearls in an evening party, you can tie one end of a really long pearl chain into a choker and let the long strand fall down the back of a sexy backless dress.

7. Glamorous Pearl Handbags

pearl handbag @TheRoyaleIndia

Pearl studded handbags are seriously exquisite and rare to find. They look great for an evening party. In fact, if your pocket permits, do invest in the giant pearl handbag from Chanel; and make heads turn wherever you go.

8. Pearl Belt

pearl belt @TheRoyaleIndia

Add oodles of spunk and élan to your otherwise ordinary dresses with belts made of pearls. You can also add a string of pearls to your denims for that ultimate killer yet feminine look.

Give the conventional a break and opt for fun and kooky ways to wear pearls. You can make your own style statement with pearl accessories, but the key here is to know what works best for you.

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