Paint it Blue From Moon to Nails

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The idiomatic expression, “once in a blue moon”, refers to an incident or an event that occurs very rarely. The blue moon refers to rare, extraordinary experience. Everyone, at least once in their lives, must enjoy a Blue Moon- these are, after all, the things that make life worth living.

Blue also happens to be the hue of relaxation and calm, the colour of inspiration and sincerity, the colour of solitude and peace. It is the favorite colour of 50% of all people- including me. Blue is a very significant colour- spiritually, astronomically, emotionally. So, start your journey into blue today. Here are a few must haves to get you started:

Blue Pants

Paint it Blue with Blue Pants @TheRoyaleIndia

Paint it Blue with Blue Pants

With the coming of summer, there has been a sudden rise in colourful pants- green, red, yellow, purple and every other colour under the sun. But the most popular among all the colours remains the omnipresent BLUE. Apart from looking incredibly stylish, blue pants also have a soothing effect on the onlooker as well as the wearer. This is also the reason that blue pajamas are a good idea – they tend to calm the person and helps one to relax.

Blue Walls

Paint the wall Blue from Moon to Nails @TheRoyaleIndia

Paint the wall Blue from Moon to Nails

Going to get your house painted? Paint it blue! Along with being an aesthetically pleasing colour, it also has a pacifying effect on people. Jodhpur, a major city in Rajasthan, is called the “Blue City” owning to the fact that most of the buildings and houses here are painted blue. The reason for this curious tradition lies in the popular belief that the colour blue repels mosquitoes and termites. So this time, paint your walls blue and you never know, the mosquitoes might leave you alone…finally!

Blue Sunglasses

Paint it Blue with Blue Glares@TheRoyaleIndia

Paint it Blue with Blue Glares

Summer is well and truly here, and outcome the long-forgotten shades to protect you from the merciless heat. But aren’t you tired from the same, boring shades in despairingly dull colours? Jazz yourself up by wearing blue! Blue sunglasses never fail to turn heads – in admiration and envy, of course. Get those blue goggles now!

Blue Footwear

Paint it Blue with Blue Shoes @TheRoyaleIndia

Paint it Blue with Blue Shoes

Irrespective of your gender, the right shoes at the right time are a must. Every fashionista always has to have blue in her wardrobe; from pumps to wedges – blue rules! The same goes for men- whether sport shoes or casual slippers, blue always looks good!

Blue Nails

Paint it Blue with Blue Nails @TheRoyaleIndia

Paint it Blue with Blue Nails

Take a break from the mainstream nail colours and go blue! Blue automatically stands out- and looks good while doing it. Plus, there are a wide number of shades to choose from – everything from azure to sapphire, from cobalt to steel blue. Well, what are you waiting for? Go paint those nails- blue!

Since the advent of time, blue has always been a prominent hue. From the ancient Egyptians to the Renaissance artists; blue is ubiquitous. Blue is the colour of the limitless sky as well as the deep, profound ocean. Besides, blue looks good on almost everything and never fails to impress.

And finally, to conclude, I have but one thing to say : Go Blue!

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