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May 21, 2014 Our Tribute to the King of Pop- MJ Forever Playlist @TheRoyaleIndia 1210 0 0

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KING OF POP, Michael Jackson, who set our feet tapping with his energy pumped music and signature moves like moonlight has been brought alive again with his new album release, Xscape. Executive producer of the album, LA Reid, brings out the compilation of 8 unheard songs of Michael Jackson. While, MJ fans across the world are elated to here new songs by their later star, we have put together a MJ forever playlist! Songs of this playlist keep the spirit of MJ alive…

billie jean @TheRoyaleIndia

Billie Jean: Released in 1982, Billie Jean captures the Michael Jackson in his complete essence right from his trademark moves to feet tapping music to hummable lyrics ‘Billie Jean Is Not My Lover…’

beat it @TheRoyaleIndia

Beat It (1982): This one revolutionalised the Rock music, becoming pioneer of ‘Black Rock’. However, we, MJ Fans swear that this is THE song to practice your moon walk!

smooth criminal @TheRoyaleIndia

Smooth Criminal (1987): No one can capture a ‘criminal’ like MJ Gangsta! It’s been an inspiration to numerous spoofs/movies/videos around the globe.

thriller @TheRoyaleIndia

Thriller (1982): We have all scared the s*** out of people at one point or the other and no other song could have summed it better than Thriller.

earth song @TheRoyaleIndia

Earth Song (1995): Here Michael Jackson moves us to tears with a soul stirring number that seems like coming straight from Mother Earth’s heart.

they dont care about us @TheRoyaleIndia

They Don’t Care About Us (1995): We are positive that the term *Drum rolls* was created after this song! Right from the time music begins; you just start dancing without caring about anyone, just like the MJ!!!

black or white @TheRoyaleIndia

Black or White (1991): Tackling racism in the times when sentiments against the Blacks were at the highest just shows his sensitive side.

heal the world @TheRoyaleIndia

Heal the world (1991): Another heartwarming song that makes you think beyond you! Our team loves “Make It a Better Place for you and for me and the Entire Human Race….”

the way you make me feel @TheRoyaleIndia

The Way you make me feel (1987): Simplest of lines, right from the heart packed with MJ moves and music just won us over finding its way to our list!!!

i just cant stop loving you @TheRoyaleIndia

I just can’t stop loving you (1987): The list just couldn’t be complete without this song for a heart break that nurtured many young lovers who didn’t see a happy ending.

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