Ordering food online – here to stay?

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The American food reality television series, Man Vs Food to MasterChefs series around the world to food channels screening delicious mouth watering recipes to enumerable fast food joints launching in the market – all these can be enough evidence of the strong relationship that man shares with food. KFC’s “Finger Lickin’ good”, Dominos Pizza’s “Hungry Kya”, Subway’s “Eat Fresh”, Mc Donalds “I’m Loving It” are some of the famous tag-lines in the fast food industry that further only shows that our taste buds are truly having a jolly good time.

We’ve come a long way from home cooked food to dining at a restaurant to takeaways and now, in an era that thrives on technology, ordering food online is the next big thing in town. Famous fast food restaurants like KFC, Dominos, McDonalds, Subway and the likes have adopted the online food ordering portal. Players like Justeat, Foodpanda, Khaugali are also in the market, offering the online consumers the opportunity to place orders from their favorite nearby restaurants and have it delivered at their doorstep.

Everything has it’s pros and cons, so here’s a look at what works for and what goes against Ordering Food Online.


Faster & Convenient

Have you tried calling your favorite restaurant at lunch time and most often heard beeps… indicating that you may be the second caller? Well, you no longer have to wait and hold on to the phone. Take your smartphone / laptop and access their website, as you can place your order online, pay online / cash on delivery, review the order, and have it delivered at your doorstep at once in the simplest, fastest and convenient manner just at the click of a button. Also, if you aren’t pressed for time to place an order, you can browse through the entire menu as per your convenience without worrying about the waiter coming to your table every now and then. Paying for your meal just got easier with the online payment facility or if you believe in seeing your food and then paying, Cash on Delivery option is suited for you.

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Even restaurants are benefiting from this advent of technology, as is allows multiple consumers to place an order simultaneously. Leading to increased customer satisfaction and the consumer is likely to not call the second best restaurant in town.

Assortment of Options

If you’re as hungry as the wolf, then the online websites’ mesmerizing menus are sure to bring some respite. The tempting and alluring images of the recipes, that the restaurateurs present on these websites are surely enticing. In addition, once you provide the website with basic

mesmerizing menus @TheRoyaleIndia

details about your location, it gives you a plethora of options from Chinese, Hyderabadi, Fast food joints along with the delivery time and minimum order details. You can save your order history and revisit it, whenever you log-in to place an order and feel like having the same meal.


Who doesn’t like freebies? The online order system is filled with oodles of discounts, deals and offers for its consumers. In addition, you also get access to other customer reviews, which could help you explore a new restaurant since it’s tried and tested by fellow customers and now a safer bet for you to spend your hard earned money.

Happy Customer

The online ordering portal makes your life as a consumer, easy and trouble-free. There is no chance of a language barrier that may otherwise come in during a phone order or dine in experience. The order placed online can in no way be misconstrued.


Minimum order amount

Most of the restaurants have a cap on the minimum order amount for placing an order with them. So if you are placing an order for one person, it may turn out to be an expensive affair as compared to dining in or takeaway as they have no cap on a minimum order.

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Ambiance & Service

Dining in an aquarium setup restaurant or an Ice Lounge restaurant, the intricate designs and paintings on the walls of the restaurant will be missed if you are all about the ambiance along with the delectable meal that you devour. Unless, you can off course create an ambiance as per your liking at home by yourself. But, that definitely needs that extra effort. Also, the food delivered may not be as hot as you’d like or receive in the restaurant. Furthermore, it may not be as intricately and alluringly packed as a restaurant meal presented to you at your table. So, online ordering system is definitely for the daily eat-out restaurants only.

With a nation of budding internet-savvy consumers, food cannot be left behind; it’s not only a phone call away but also just a click away today! Place your order online today, if you can outweigh on the minuses.

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