5 One-Day Monsoon Trekking Spots in and Around Mumbai

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Monsoons are here, and so are scenic views, foggy mountain tops and the sweet scent of fresh soil. At a time when nature is at its best, it would be a shame to leave the raw beauty of mother earth unexplored. For those who prefer a long weekend getaway, we’ve already listed 5 amazing places you must visit this monsoon. However, for those who are adventure freaks and love hiking to the top of the mountains to watch the beauty that lies beneath while the monsoon clouds kiss your face; here are 5 one day monsoon treks near Mumbai you should definitely try to make the most of this lovely season.

Peb Fort (Vikatgad), Neral

peb fort trek @TheRoyaleIndia

source : bhramanti365.in

When we talk about Neral, people usually think of Matheran. But not too far away from that mainstream hill station, lies a beautiful fort that you can climb to explore the adventurous side of you. Waterfalls, caves, dense forests and tricky turns, you name it and this trek has it. It’s best to hire a local guide so that you don’t get lost.

peb fort @TheRoyaleIndia

The fort has a historical significance and the local guides are more than happy to give you all the information they can. The view from the top is especially spectacular and worth the 3 hours of trek that takes to reach it.

How to get there – Take a train to Neral station on the central railway. From Neral, you can easily find a rickshaw or jeep ride to the location.

Cypress Hill (Mulund)

cypress hills mulund @TheRoyaleIndia

Who says you have to go out of Mumbai to enjoy the mountain greenery of monsoons? The hill near the Cypress building is one of the best trekking spots for beginners and experienced trekkers alike, with a view like no other mountain top has to offer.

cypress hills trek @TheRoyaleIndia

source : dashoftruth.blogspot.com

The trek begins at the entrance of the park near the Cypress building and it takes around an hour to reach the top. The trails are full of rocks, slippery mud and trees to hang on to in case you slip. It’s a great escape from the city life in the city itself! The view from the top consists of Vihar Lake nestled amongst lush green Sahyadri Hills on one side and towering skyline of Mulund and Thane on the other.

How to get there: From Mulund station, you could take an auto to Cypress building and begin the trek from the park that’s just in front of it.

Mahuli Fort, Asangaon

mahuli fort @TheRoyaleIndia

source : edge.ixigo.com

Not too far away from Asangaon station is another trekking spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It has recently become very popular amongst trekking groups and you will always find people climbing their way to the top. 

mahuli fort @TheRoyaleIndia

source – indiatourism4u.in

It enjoys the title of the highest fort in Thane region and it takes around 3 hours to reach the top. It’s a comparatively difficult trek and so, it is advisable to go with someone who is experienced.

How to get there: Take a train to Asangaon station on the central railway. Take a rickshaw or bus to Mahuli village which is around 5kms away from Asangaon station.

Karnala Fort, Panvel

karnala fort @TheRoyaleIndia

The Karnala bird sanctuary is a very famous tourist attraction, but inside it there’s a wonderful fort to explore.

karnala fort trek @TheRoyaleIndia

source : wikimedia.org

It’s an enjoyable trek with many scenic twists and turns that will take your mind off of the tough road ahead. The view from the top will definitely be worth the muddy slopes, steep spots and dangerous turns.

How to get there: Catch a Panvel train on the Harbor line. Take a bus or a rickshaw to Karnala which is 20kms away from the station.

Lohagad, Lonavala

lohagad fort trek @TheRoyaleIndia

source : wikimedia.org

Another popular trek in a popular region, Lohagad, is great for beginners as well as experts, which offers a marvelous view of the monsoons.

lohagad fort pic @TheRoyaleIndia


The fort consist of steps that you can climb to reach the top with a wind point ‘Vichukata’ and ‘Bhaje’ caves that you can explore along the way.

How to get there: Take a train to Lonavala. From there you could take public transport to Malawli and a 5 kms hike will get you to the base village.

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