Ombre: The Trendiest Way of Staying Colourful

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Though Rose Quartz and Serenity were the Pantone colours of the year, Ombre stole the spotlight and became the biggest trend. Ombre – it’s been a couple of years since this magical word has entered into our lives and made our world more colourful. From fashion shows to weddings and from shoes to hairstyles, this trend has been catching everyone’s eyes. And there’s no way that this flabbergasting trend is going out of fashion any sooner.

Be it a New Year party, a casual day out with girlfriends, or just pampering time, you can make your presence felt with Ombre. Here’s how you can go with it!

Ombre Hair

ombre trends hair @TheRoyaleIndia

If you’re bored with your hairstyle and don’t want to get a haircut, colouring them is the best option to give yourself a makeover. You can go with lowlights or highlights, but Ombre is a trend that is simply unbeatable. The colour typically starts from the mid-section of your hair and gradually fades towards the ends giving them a gradient effect.

Try the popular ‘dip-dye’ method to get Ombre hair at home. Purple, red, blond, burgundy are some colours which you can try if you are not too keen to change your hair colour drastically. But if you are courageous enough with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude, you can even opt for green, hot pink, peacock blue, orange or any other bright colour of your choice!

Ombre Nails

ombre trends nails @TheRoyaleIndia

To achieve Ombre nails, all you need is a piece of sponge and a few colours. Paint the desired colours on a sponge directly with the brush that comes along with the nail polish bottle. Dab the sponge on your nails several times to ensure a decent colour transfer on your nails, repeat if necessary and viola you’re done!

ombre trends nails tutorial @TheRoyaleIndia


You can also do a theme based gradient inspired by the colours of sunset or sea, or you go for a simple vertical or horizontal Ombre. Putting some glitter on your nails to glam things up is another option that can make your nails party ready in a jiffy. And the best part is you can get this look at home, under 20 minutes!

Ombre Eyeliner

ombre trends liner @TheRoyaleIndia

If eyes are the window to your soul, eyeliner is the mirror of your mood. This party season you can opt for the dual-tone liner or graphic Ombre Liner and let your eyes speak out loud. To achieve this look, grab two different coloured eyeliners and line your lash line half with one colour and the other half the other shade. Merge them well to create the perfect gradient. Pencil liners and gel liners work the best for this look. To get the perfect graphic ombre look, create a winged liner with one colour (or a cat eye for a more dramatic look) and border it with another. Blend it carefully. You can also go for a glitter ombre liner and skip the eyeshadow yet be effortlessly glam.

Ombre Lips

ombre trends lips gradient @TheRoyaleIndia

Ombre lips are one of the most subtle ombre makeup trends to pull on. There are different ways of using this merging technique on your lips to achieve different looks. You will need two or more lipsticks in complimentary shades, a lip pencil and a lip brush to blend the colours well. To get horizontal Ombre, line your upper and lower lip with two different shades of lipsticks and with the brush blend the colour inside.

ombre trends lips tutorial @TheRoyaleIndia


For a different look, line the outer corner of your lips with a dark colour and fill the remaining part with a light colour. Blend the colours, and you’re ready to rock the party. Liquid lipsticks and highly pigmented crème lipsticks work wonderfully. Try duotone lipsticks which have two shades inbuilt and with just one sweep you can get Ombre lips instantly.

We hope you’ll give a try to this trend. Have a colourful New Year!

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