Oktoberfest kicks off in Germany

September 25, 2013 Oktoberfest 2013 at Munich, Germany @TheRoyaleIndia 580 0 0

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The 180th edition of the Bavarian capital’s annual celebration of beer, Oktoberfest has started at Theresienwiese in Munich, Germany. The Munich Oktoberfest, which this year will run from September 21 through October 6, with beer tents spread over sprawling grounds close to downtown Munich, some seven million visitors are expected by the time the festival ends.

The festival, which was originally held in October, has been an important part of local culture since 1810 when it was first held to celebrate the wedding of Bavaria’s crown prince Ludwig of Bavaria. This year, over 8,000 people dressed up in their finest traditional apparel for this parade march through the centre of Munich to the Oktoberfest grounds in Wiesn. And with thousands already in town for the 16-day extravaganza, plenty of beer kegs are bound to be drunk dry.

Last year, 6.9 million litres of beer were quaffed at the Oktoberfest, ie; 14.6 million pints. Attendance is free for the festival, but the beer will cost you dearly, the average price of a mug of beer at any of the tents this year comes to €9.66 ($13.05 U.S.)

 But price hikes are unlikely to dampen spirits at Oktoberfest.

Image Source: www.ndtv.com

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