Nykaa Launches Five Avant-Garde Makeup Products to Give Your Boudoir a Boost

September 29, 2017 Nykaa Launches Five Avant-Garde Makeup Products to Give Your Boudoir a Boost 894 0 0

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Nykaa Launches Five Avant-Garde Makeup Products to Give Your Boudoir a Boost

Five brand new, freshly minted products from the bandwagon of Nykaa, the mega online beauty retailer, are now available for purchase at its app and website. In a short time, Nykaa has not only launched a number of great products at surprisingly affordable prices but also built a niche for itself in the market and made a place in the hearts of hardcore beauty geeks. This time around, Nykaa’s five new launches include some essentials that probably all makeup enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting. These breakthrough products are Nykaa Skingenius Face Foundation Stick, Nykaa Blendmaster Oval Brushes, Nykaa Blendmaster Makeup Perfecting Sponge, Nykaa Salon Gel Pro Nail Lacquer Collection and Nykaa Get Inked and Get winged Sketch Liners. Along with the Mega Launch, Nykaa has also announced a Mega Sale which is to continue till 30th September, offering up to 40% discount on select products. By purchasing products amounting to INR 1200 or above you can get a bling pouch worth INR 300 for free. Let’s find out how the newly launched Nykaa products can upgrade your beauty game, helping you to outshine contemporaries this festive season.

  1. Nykaa Skingenius Face Foundation Stick

Not everyone has the skills of professional makeup artists or beauty bloggers to apply concealer, foundation and contouring products aptly and in the right order. Moreover, using more than one product on the face, in time of hassle and hurry, is time consuming, often resulting in disastrous outcomes. To mitigate these problems, Nykaa has come out with its Nykaa Skingenius Face foundation Stick which offers excellent coverage to the face instantaneously. This three in one product performs three different and distinctive roles of concealing, covering and contouring at one go. It is a great product to use when there is time constraints and you have to get ready at a quick pace. The twist-up packaging and easy application also make it a helpful product for the makeup amateurs. The foundation stick offers a velvety gentle finish to make your skin appear smoother after applying it. Since this product is rich in SPF and Vitamin-E, it does not clog your facial pores giving rise to acne problems or settle in drab and ugly fine lines. This cruelty free foundation stick comes in quite a number of varieties like Creamy Bisque 01, Natural Buff 02, Toasty Almond 05, and Toffee Chisel 07. Each of these foundation sticks is priced at INR 525.

  1. Nykaa BlendMaster Oval Brushes

One of the most important beauty essentials that many ignore even till date is the makeup brush. Without the right type and quality of makeup brushes seamless blending of makeup products is impossible. Nykaa Blendmaster Oval Brushes have been specially designed to simplify makeup application for users. Having a larger oval surface, these brushes blend pigments in a jiffy with excellent precision. There are a total of ten brushes, each designed for a particular purpose. Their super deluxe soft bristles are gentler on the skin, and curved handles offer better grip for achieving the flawless finish you have always dreamt of. You can get the Nykaa BlendMaster Oval Brush Set at a discount of 30% for INR 4,333 whereas its original MRP is INR 6,190. You may also purchase the brushes separately. The Nykaa BlendMaster Powder Brush is available at 15% discount for INR 934, the Nykaa BlendMaster Highlighter Oval Brush at a discount of 15% for INR 382 and the Lip Oval Brush at 25% Discount for INR 299.

  1. Nykaa BlendMaster Makeup Perfecting Sponge

As you have probably already noticed, blending sponges are all the rage in the makeup world right now. Nykaa BlendMaster Makeup Perfecting Sponge is all set to transform makeup practices across India. These easy to hold, soft, non-disposable, latex free and high definition blenders will change how you have perceived makeup till now. They prevent makeup from caking on the face so that the skin does not look dull or aged. There are presently two different types of makeup sponges by Nykaa, the All Rounder Makeup Sponge and the Sculpting Makeup Sponge. The All Rounder Makeup Sponge has a tear-drop shape for optimal grip. Its flat bottom is perfect for using a stippling motion to create an air-brushed look. The pointed tip lets users apply makeup in the smaller areas of the face with perfect precision. Being latex free these blenders are more durable and long lasting in comparison. The Sculpting Makeup sponge has got a pear shaped body for comfortable gripping. By holding it at the bottom, you can achieve a softer look and for more vivacious, intense makeup you can hold it at the ridged middle. Both styles of blending sponges by Nykaa are priced at INR 425.

  1. Nykaa Salon Gel Pro Nail Lacquer Collection

The shiny, glossy and smooth finish of gel nail polishes makes them a favorite among the femmes. However, the damage they cause to nails during removal and their UV ray hardening process are two major cons that cannot be overlooked. Nykaa has solved both problems by formulating its exceptional Salon Gel Pro Nail Lacquer Collection. Nykaa has patented a Pro-UV technology that hardens the manicure when your hands are exposed to the sun. As a result, you will get a long lasting hi-shine effect. What’s more, this latest formula of gel nail polish also prevents your nails from getting chipped. The Salon Gel Pro Nail Lacquers contain light-reflecting pigments that deliver dazzling shiny effect on the application. By applying the first coat itself you will get an opaque finish and spectacular color pays off. Available in many attractive shades like Berlin Nightlife 212, London Eye 202, Manhattan Madness 224 and Dubai Dune Bashing 217, each 15ml bottle of Gel Pro Nail Lacquer is priced at INR 325.

  1. Nykaa Get Inked Sketch Liners and Get Winged Sketch Liners

Have you ever tried to draw a winged liner and failed at it miserably? It is a common agony of most beauty enthusiasts who want to experiment with their eye makeup. Nykaa now has a solution for this too. It has launched two sketch liners for inking and winging. Nykaa Get Inked and Get Winged Sketch Liners are liquid liners with a felt tip for a nib. These water-based liners enhance your ability to line the eyes with superior precision. With the Get Inked Sketch Liner you can draw linear lines with absolute ease as they have a conical fine tip, particularly for this purpose. The Get Winged Sketch Liners have a slanted angular tip for the perfectly drawn wings, intensifying your eye-makeup in a blink. In addition to improved grip and efficiency, these sketch liners also offer the darkest black to increase the enigma of your beautiful eyes. Each of these products is priced at just INR 450.


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