Nuzzel app delivers social news without clutter

March 22, 2014 Nuzzel app @TheRoyaleIndia 587 0 0

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Social platforms such as Twitter or Facebook are excellent mediums to be associated with the world. If you are among those who keep tracking news through regular Facebook posts and Twitter feed then things become slightly difficult especially if you follow many Twitter handles

Put your doubts to rest because Nuzzel, the social news service app developed by Jonathan Abrams (founder of Friendster) makes things simple for users of social media sites to sort messages from their timelines.

So, let us understand how this app works? When you log on to Twitter or Facebook, Nuzzel assembles the most relevant of all events, news, and articles that are available on internet and across the social media for you. The messages with the most shares or comments are filtered and automatically appear on the top. For extensive stories, you can also check “news you may have missed,” which accumulate the most recent and significant activities in your friends circles.

You can set your profile as private and prevent others from viewing your Nuzzel feed. Set for Nuzzel alerts and get up to 25 stories emailed to you at your email id at your preferred time. You can even share these stories amongst your selected friends before they are emailed to you or before they go viral.

The idea of the app is to deliver to each user the most important information and news in one place. The creators of Nuzzle have also confirmed that they are nearly completing the app for iOS. Likely to be offered for free and without ads too!! Quite an uncluttered interface to look out for…

You are curious to try your hands on Nuzzel…aren’t you?

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