Now View Youtube Videos Offline On Your Android And iOS Devices

December 12, 2014 Now View Youtube Videos Offline On Your Android And Ios Devices 769 0 0

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YouTube has certainly come a long way in its digital presence. The most preferred site for viewing videos, YouTube has managed to gain a fountain of users over the years! Although it has taken its own sweet time to come up with its new offline video support feature, it has now finally arrived! The feature has been officially and primarily launched in India and will be made available in other nations later on.

YouTube offline video viewing will be available on Android and iOS devices.

youtube @TheRoyaleIndia


  • The offline viewing feature enables you to download video content on your devices for free and lets you play it later on even if the internet connection is off!

  • The offline playback works amazingly as there is going to be a huge series of only shortlisted videos to download. This will reduce the amount explicit video viewing.

The videos which you download, will be saved on your phone’s SD memory (provided, you have memory space to accommodate the number of downloaded videos) the videos are going to be copyright reserved and can be played only using the YouTube app. Also, they can be played only for 48 hours after you download. Google has decided to take this measure to avoid legal and copyright issues.

Apart from India, the offline playback feature will also be launched in other countries like Indonesia and Philippines in the coming days.

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