Now Farmville on your Smartphone!

April 21, 2014 Farmville 2: County Escape for Smart Phone @TheRoyaleIndia 664 0 0

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“FarmVille” fans will finally yield & cultivate bumper crops, rear their livestock and virtually tend to another facet of country life on the go. No pun intended! San Francisco-based social games pioneer Zynga recently released its hit game ‘FarmVille’ for smartphones and tablets. The new offering, called “FarmVille 2: Country Escape,” is a mobile version for iPhone, iPad and Android devices rather than a game played through a browser on a PC.


How does it work? 

The new game is designed to connect mobile devices for a flawless gaming experience. User does not require network connection; however, there is also an offline mode offered. There’s an option of connecting with Facebook, as well as a new Farm Co-Ops system & integration with iOS’s GameCenter and Google Play Games. Any game carried out offline is coordinated with the servers when you get a connection next time. And if they do, the two games are connected through a truck that travels between the farms to share supplies. It also connects with Facebook contender Google+.

The free to download game charges only for extra objects that assist players to move through the game faster. However, a user can pay money to pace up development or for exceptional farm stuffs. The unique feature of this game is the ‘Anonymous Mode’, where single-player is presented with diverse confront that can be taken on separately based on what other FarmVille players are doing. Apparently, Zynga is hopeful that an anonymous feature will lessen the disappointment when a Facebook user ends up spamming their friends list with FarmVille updates.

All said, the game still has the characteristics of a FarmVille experience, i.e; carrying out farming duties, planting seeds and caring for animals.

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