Nokia Working on an Android Phone?

January 3, 2014 Nokia currently working on an Android phone. @TheRoyaleIndia 585 0 0

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If reports are to be believed, Nokia is currently planning to come up with an Android powered handset. The news came in shortly after Nokia had unveiled it’s latest bunch of Lumia devices. However, there is no word yet by the Finnish giant on when the phone will be out for grabs. But, the question is will you go for a Nokia handset loaded with Android?

With biggies like Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG fighting it out to offer you the best of Android experience, Nokia will surely work towards offering you something similar, if not better. So, no reasons why you shouldn’t go for it.

According to the leaked render by @evleaks, the device looks quite similar to Nokia’s popular Asha phones with the front panel containing the back button. A few reports also claim that Nokia Normandy will run on a tailored version of Android, which might possibly bring in some additional cool features.

Nokia is currently doing good with its Lumia range of smartphones. By hopping on to Android, the Finish handset maker plans to take it all up to the next level. But, again, not too much is known about the device yet. So, you’ll probably have to wait until you get your hands on it. But do not forget to apply the amazing Nokia Offers to ensure that this new Lumia device comes easy on your pocket.

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