No One’s Talking About The Sony SmartWatch 2? Why?

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The Samsung Galaxy Gear launched in India in September this year with a price tag of Rs. 22,990. Although not an instant hit, it did manage to get some serious attention. But, the Galaxy Gear wasn’t the only device aiming for glory. Sony decided to offer it’s own piece of innovative goodness by introducing the SmartWatch 2 with an attractive price tag of Rs. 14,990. However, that wasn’t quite enough to push Galaxy Gear on the backseat. Let’s have a closer look at the device.

Technical Specifications

The Sony SmartWatch 2 sports a 1.6-inch display with a 220 x 176 pixel resolution. The watch acts as a companion to your smartphone.  All you need to do is just install the Smart Connect app on your phone in order to get the notifications and messages on your SmartWatch.  Interestingly, the watch also lets you reply to messages received.

With the Facebook watch app installed, you can keep a tab on the latest posts without pulling your phone out of your pocket. If you are bit too social, you might also want to try out the twitter app. For now there are over 200 apps you can add to the device, and you can surely expect many more to be added to the list in days to come.

Now, does this mean you can leave your phone back home? Not at all. In order to get the most of the watch, you need to connect it to your phone via a Bluetooth wireless headset within a range of 9 meters.

So, should you go for it?

Even though SmartWatches are currently being promoted with a huge amount of hype, they still fall too short from being tagged as perfect replacements for smartphones. But, you can surely expect these brand new innovative gizmos to be a lot smarter in the next couple of years. However, if you are too eager to find out what the SmartWatch 2 has in store for you, go ahead and try it out. You might love it.

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