Nine ways to a radiant you this Navratri

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Navratri marks the worship of the Hindu deity Goddess Shakti in her nine forms for nine nights and ten days. The goddess manifests herself as Durga, Ambamata, Lalitha and Bhavani and is believed to negate vices, enhance well-being and bestow prosperity upon her worshippers.

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The festival is celebrated across India with much enthusiasm. The atmosphere is joyful and the charm is infectious. As the night descends the air fills up with music. The young and old, men and women alike sway away to the tunes of Dandiya raas in bright hues of pink, red, orange and yellow.

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No wonder each one of us wants to glam it up with the best of makeup, accessories, ghaghras and chaniya-cholis .Indeed this is a season to look pretty and put up a good show. While it is all buoyant and the most enthusiastic ones have already prepped up, those who want to have all the fun but are crunched for time here are a few tips to have a healthy and radiant Navratri.

Become a Water baby

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As the temperatures are swaying from being too humid to too hot hydration is the key to maintain energy levels and skin lustre. Maintain atleast a litre and half more than your regular intake of water. If you observe Navratri fasts or you are the one who dances the night away to the dandiya beats be more judicious with fluid intake. Along with plain water have lime juices, Citrus fruit juices and buttermilk in plenty so as to replenish the water and salt content lost due to sweating and fasting. Aerated drinks, tea coffee are best avoided.


If you are the one who jumps on to the dance floor without a thought chances are you will injure yourself. Injuries ranging from small nicks and pains to hurting a ligament or fracturing a bone are all common .Always warmup the body by simple stretch and bend exercises before you begin gyrating to the groove. Excise caution as you perform some high octane stunts.

Watch what you eat

Many worshippers of the goddess are fasting through the nine days during the festival while others get a great excuse to feed on sweets and Junk. The tip is to avoid overdoing both. Fasting can cause dehydration and leave you fatigued while excess junk, sweet and oily food will make you bloated, puffed up and constipated. Snack on nuts and dried apricots for instant energy. If fasting ensure you eat every 2 hrs to avoid acidity.

Vitamin C

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Visiting crowded public pandals can leave you sick with cold and flu. Vitamin C is known to help boost immunity and protects from the contagious common cold. Additionally it helps your skin shine and glow. Vitamin C is abundant in Citrus fruits, kiwi fruit and papaya or supplement it by having a chewable vit C tablet once a day daily.

Treat your senses

Dull hair and skin dampens the spirit of fun and festivities. The grim and impurities can clog your pores and cause acne flare. Beat the stress to look your best by indulging in a relaxing massage and spa session for your hair and skin. If you are pressed for time treat yourself with a cleanup or a nice haircut. Avoid over cleansing and picking up on that ugly pimple is a big NO.

Flaunt that back

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Backless choli is what every girl wants to wear to the raas garba. Use an anti -dandruff shampoo to keep off the acne from your back. If you have a sensitive skin or have never done it before DO NOT wax or bleach the skin in haste. Instead use oatmeal scrub with a mild cleanser and moisturize well. Pigmentation can be concealed with a primer and good makeup always comes handy so you can flaunt the back confidently.

Happy feet

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Tempting as it may be to have long toe nails and flaunt them but it is advisable to keep them trimmed and clean. Won’t someone stepping on those long projections hurt? Take care to wear comfortable footwear unless you have practiced hard in your stilettos. Relax and clean your sore, aching feet by dipping them in lukewarm salt water, dry them and rub on a good moisturizer before sleeping.

Smell nice

As you sweat it out on the dance floor don’t be a repulse who makes other participants run for cover. Use and antiperspirant or a deodorant to save the day. A mild soothing fragrance does more good.

Don’t let the makeup break you up.

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Good makeup always comes to rescue to transform the plain Jane. Invest in a good quality makeup kit to give you that edge over others. Don’t shy away from trying bold makeup and hot trend for the season or accentuate the eyes. But don’t let the makeup break up your skin. Use hypoallergenic products, keep the makeup brushes clean. However much you want to fall asleep with your makeup on DO NOT do so. Always remove the makeup and follow it up with mild alcohol free cleanser, use an astringent to tighten the pores and moisturize well to maintain supple skin. Hair accessories and hair styled with gels and sprays should also be cleaned.

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Put your best foot forward and gyrate with confidence with these simple tricks. After all these nine days of fun will return back only after 365 more days next year.

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