New York Fashion Trend 2013: The Black, White and The In-between!

November 26, 2013 New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 @TheRoyaleIndia 358 0 0

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The New York Fashion Week 2013 witnessed a splurge of variations across colors, cut-outs and prints. With colors like black and white resurging to the top we could not miss our eye out on flashing mid riffs and subtle prints that infiltrated the runway.

Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs swore by black and white this season with models whisking through the aisle in the classic hue.  The modest trend of the season black and white is the color of the year-round, appropriate to wear for formal events, neat enough to wear to office and to dance through the high events. Not only is this fashion affordable but it is a definition of wear ability.

Emerald Green - the color of New York Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

Other color that made its way through the fashion galore is the emerald green claiming to be pantone’s color of the year 2013. Shades of emerald green splashed across the runway on alluring silhouettes. The best characteristic of an emerald green is that it is a stand alone tone. You can’t slip into an emerald green monotone dress with your flaunting high heels and go unnoticed. You can also add a dash of gold or white to your emerald for more style and power.

classic, neutral Houndstooth Prints @TheRoyaleIndia

We have seen a lot of prints last year but they are yet not ready to bid farewell from the fashion circuit. Floral and kaleidoscope prints have given their way to houndstooth prints. They are classic, neutral and basically can go with anything. They make us believe office wear cannot be boring anymore.

Evergreen stripes at New York Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors introduced stripes of all angles from horizontal, vertical, curved and colourful this season. Stripes have never been and never will go out of fashion and this year they have reclaimed their position. Prints this season witnessed a lot of positive experimentation. Plaids and checks were mixed with other textures and animal and leaves prints came on one canvas.

Bold style statements at New York Fashion 2013 @TheRoyaleIndia

Keeping modesty at bay, the style this season fetched for boldness. Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez sketched through peekaboo bra, exposed mid-riffs, geometric designs exposing arms, shoulders and neck. Apart from key hole cut-outs and plunging necklines one also noticed ruffles being adopted creatively to style a floor length gown or just a simple shirt.

Last Words: New York Fashion 2013 certainly portrayed a definition of wearability, class and daring style. One saw the playful combination of back and white along with the transformation through stripes this year. Keeping up to the fashion norm ‘less is more’ this year the New York Fashion did complete justice to it.

You can go just white and black for formal meetings or casually toss a striped t-shirt on a pair of jeans or just dare to get out there confident and alluring exposing your mid riff.

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