5 Tips To Make Your New Year Health Resolution Last Longer

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A lot of us spend our new year’s eve looking back at the year, evaluating it on different aspects. And often feel bad and sometimes even guilty about yet another failed resolution we made on the very first day of the year. We’ve been making them for years and we’ve also come to realize that they don’t really last beyond April. Only a handful of people actually accomplish their goal. But we’re going to hit the reset button yet again, and do better this year.

Trying to lose weight, or eat healthy is the most common resolution and the one we all miserably fail at! Why is it so difficult? This makes me think if there I something impractical that I have been planning to do; whatever it is, it definitely needs a thorough planning.

So here are a few ways to make sure you can hold your head up high at the end of 2016 and say “I did it!”

What’s your resolution?

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This seems to be the easier task, but that’s where most of us make mistakes. We make vague goals or something that’s not in our hands.

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You would want to lose weight, but that’s not something you ‘do’, it happens. What you can ‘do’ is to go for a jog at least for 30 minutes every day or hit a gym every alternate day for not less than an hour.

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If you say you will eat healthy, you don’t really know how much and what. Instead of that, promise yourself a home cooked meal 6 days a week, or anything that’s more specific in nature.

Now or never

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Now, or today is as good a time to start, to live healthy, eat right, or go for that jog. Don’t wait for New Year, or for a new week, the next Monday or a discount offer on gym memberships. Begin today and just keep going. If you keep pushing it to tomorrow, it’ll be a long time before you actually begin, or you may just all together give up on it.

It’s okay to fail

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Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s difficult to keep yourself on track every single day, and can be a lot of pressure. Allow yourself some mistakes and a little cheating (but try to cheat on proteins and not empty sugars). Learn to forgive yourself for such cheatings, but always try to compensate it on the very next day. Never ever make that an excuse to give up. If you have that extra piece of cake, it’s okay. Be sure you don’t do it again. And one very important thing, don’t spend the entire day eating junk because you began your day with an unhealthy breakfast.

Keep A Check

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Make a check list, or a timeline for your goals. It could be monthly or quarterly. If you need to be more careful, opt for a weekly one. Keep a track of your progress at regular intervals. That way you know how well you’ve been doing and if not then you can get yourself back up and do better. There are numerous mobile apps that can be of great help in tracking your calorie intake.

Don’t hide

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It’s not a secret thing. Tell your friends and family, if you’re afraid of being ridiculed, turn it into a motivation. Very soon your friends will realize how serious you are about this and will help you out with it. At the same time it makes you more accountable towards yourself and others around. While you are all serious about this health resolution, do not forget to reward yourself for your progress with a weekend trip to a nearby hill station or may be a movie with friends.

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