Top 6 Eyewear Trends for Men

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It’s been more than a decade now that I’ve been wearing a spectacle and it was only recently that I found the perfect one for me. And to my surprise every single person told me that ‘these types’ are actually in trend. So I conducted a research and came up with these 6 styles that are currently being donned by the male fraternity around. People having power or no power; it doesn’t matter at all.

1. Round Frame

This is the frame that I chose for myself and yes, it might seem old school! Guess what? Old School is new ‘new’.

round sunglasses for men @TheRoyaleIndia

These perfect circles go amazingly well with a formal wear, tailored blazers, or casual wear. Round glasses are iconic and nostalgic. Gandhi, Lenon, Jobs! Are we on the same page?

round frames for men @TheRoyaleIndia

These are currently the most beloved frames and with the modern colours these frames come in; it makes them funkier. Try these in fluorescent red or green.

Best Suited for: Oval, oblong or square shaped faces

Note: People having a power can also get a round frame with free tinted lenses from Essilor. So guys with high power, no worries! Just opt for powered sunglasses! More so, you can get a free eye check up at outlets participating under the Great India Optical Festival!

2. Go Green

Here we are specifically talking about the colour. The shape and size of the frames are secondary things to look out for here.

green shades for men @TheRoyaleIndia

The bright green shades look modern and fresh. They perfectly compliment the whites and blacks. You can also opt for the metallic green shades for a classic look

Note : If you’re a student, the Great Indian Optical Festival gives a flat 20% off for students limited to Rs 500 on purchase of spectacles.

3. Aviators

As clichéd as it may sound, I had to include Aviators in the list. This style can never fade, can it?

aviators for men @TheRoyaleIndia

These are perhaps the most widely recognized frames. Even those who don’t love frames know about the Aviators. Reminiscent of the 40s and 50s this style even makes a simple t-shirt and jeans combo look smart.

Best Suited For: Square and Oval shaped face

4. Transparent Shades

transparent shades for men @TheRoyaleIndia

Shall we move into the 70s? Yes, transparent shades largely resemble the 70s style. Of course, the shades have to be chosen once you finalize the style of the frame. However, you need to be a little extra careful while choosing the see-through hue. Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone.

Also, if shaded lenses are not your style, you can always opt for the plain ones. What’s better? You can buy a normal lens (worth Rs. 2000) and get a frame absolutely free.

5. Wayfarers

wayfarer for men @TheRoyaleIndia

This is another style that emerged in the 50s but is still going strong. The effortless squarish shape of the frame creates an elongated and angular definition, especially for those with round faces.

6. Geometric

geometric sunglasses for men @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, you read that right! These angular rectangle shapes compliment most face shapes and give a casual look. However, square shaped faces won’t carry the look as gracefully.

Although these 6 styles are currently ‘in vogue’ make sure you experiment as well. Moreover, why just use a single pair of sunglasses? Keep your options ready for different occasions. At least, have 2 or 3 pairs of sunglasses with you. It’s rightly said, ‘there no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses’.

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