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December 5, 2013 Neeta Lulla on Fashion and Style @TheRoyaleIndia 1942 0 0

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Ace fashion designer Neeta Lulla is one of India’s most successful costume designers, couturiers, and fashion stylists. Neeta have won prestigious National Film Awards from the President of India on four different occasions for Best Costume Design in a Film and numerous other Indian and international accolades for excellence in the field of fashion designing and styling. In a career spanning over 26 years, she has worked to style the look for some of the finest Indian Films, biggest stars and worked with the most prominent Directors in India Cinema. Neeta has worked on over 300 films in more than seven languages in Indian and International Cinema.

The Royale: How do you interpret style?
Neeta Lulla: Being a working woman, my style interpret more in a manner. Also, my job profile exude a lot of power dressing.

TR: Fashion to you is?
NL: Fashion to me is Comfort and Style

TR: Your vanity case has…
NL: everything that is required by a fashionable woman.

TR: Do you follow trends or like to break rules with your own take on them?
NL: I like to break the rules with my own take on them.

TR: Which cities according to you are the fashion capitals of the world?
NL: Rome, Paris, New York, London.

TR: Unforgivable fashion faux pas…
NL: Thank God ! None of them till now.

TR: Do you share a penchant for accessories?
NL: Yes I do, provided they go well with my clothes. Accessories could be anything, from jewelery to hats to nose ring. I do not restrict myself to any particular accessory, I wear them only if they look good on my clothes.


Style Tip by Neeta Lulla: Wear clothes which are comfortable because that’s what make you look stylish. A basic black dress or basic black blouse and for a Indian woman, a basic black sari is a ‘must have’ in the wardrobe. If not a black, it has to be a colour that you really relate to for e.g; neutral shades  makes your wardrobe work considerably.

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