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Who would not love to flaunt their stylish nail art? Well, you don’t need to head to the parlour to get them right. Follow these easy steps to get those stunning nails in an inexpensive way at home.

D.I.Y. Nail art @TheRoyaleIndia

Groom It Right

When it comes to D-I-Y nail art, before you apply them on real nails experiment them on fake ones. You will definitely have confidence to draw fine lines/ strokes. Before you start off, ensure the nails are of same length & shape, cuticles are softly pushed back and moisturise them with oil or hand cream. Once you achieve this, you are set to start! Apply thin coats of nail polish between each layer i.e; wait at least a minute or two for the solvent to evaporate. As applying a thick coat will peel and chip easily.

Be Creative

Today, the creativity in nail art has reached new heights and French nail art is very much in vogue. Unlike the conventional round shape, the nails appear square with french nail art. However, there are certain segment of fashion conscious people who prefer to go beyond the traditional ways. One can choose from a glittery to a bejeweled look or even a textured style with a bit of creativity.


There are plenty of ready made options available in the market, however, there is one look that is gaining popularity is the reverse french tip. Here, the white is used over the entire nail and the pink colour is used on the tip.

Nail it with style with reverse french tip @TheRoyaleIndia

D-I-Y: For French nails, you need a

  • Cello tape,
  • A transparent nail enamel, and
  • And a soft pink nail colour.

Apply the base coat of pink colour and once it dries, cover the end of the nail with the cello tape leaving the tips. Then apply the white nail paint on the tips and after that dries, remove the tape and cover it with a transparent nail enamel. Voila! You will have those sexy French nails. Other combinations that you could consider is a bright pink, yellow or go in for metallic purple and silver, if you adventurous.


Nail art is becoming increasingly artistic with all the creative and innovative techniques. One of the latest trend that has taken by storm is the simple but effective newspaper print nails. Here’s a step by step guide as to how to achieve this funky look.

D.I.Y. Newsletter print nail art @TheRoyaleIndia

D-I-Y: For newspaper print, you will require

  • Base coat of grey nail paint,
  • A piece of paper that has a written print,
  • Alcohol mainly used as an antiseptic and medicated cleaner, and
  • Transparent nail enamel.

Start by applying the grey base on the nails. Dip your fingers for about 30 second in the rubbing alcohol and then press a piece of newspaper on the nail till it’s print comes on the nail. Let it dry for a few minutes and cover with the transparent enamel.


Beads (specifically micro beads) are available in different colour and finish. Be creative and explore with different shapes and designs.

D.I.Y. Beads Nail Art @TheRoyaleIndia

D-I-Y: You need

  • Base coat polish,
  • Opaque white nail polish (no shimmer),
  • Clear micro beads and a top coat polish.
  • Match the colour nail polish to the micro beads to enhance the look

Apply one coat of opaque white nail polish and allow your nails to dry for an hour. Then apply second coat of opaque white nail polish and wait 10 seconds so it can set but not dry. Liberally douse your nails with white (or any other color) micro beads. Place your hand on top of a clean paper plate and sprinkle the beads over your nails until they are completely covered. Use the residual beads that fall off the nails for your second hand. Carefully press down on each nail to ensure the caviar beads stick to the nail polish. Add one coat of the top coat nail polish to seal your nails. Apply an extra coat to the top edge of your nails to lock in the beading and extend the life of your manicure.


Transitioning from wear-with-all whites to basic blacks, the style for this season is glitzy gold, glitters and metallics.

D.I.Y. Funky glitter nail art @TheRoyaleIndia

D-I-Y: For funky glitter, you need:

  • Transparent or coloured base coat and glitter (silver or colored),
  • Base coat, and
  • Transparent nail enamel

Apply a clear base coat and ensure to apply it evenly, so that the glitter will stick to the entire nail.

Dip your nail in the pot of glitter, laying it flat over the surface and rolling it back and forth a bit to cover the sides. Tap your finger to remove any extra glitter.

Put your thinking cap and let the creativity flow. Try these easy D-I-Y steps and flaunt those sophisticated patterns/designs.

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