Myths about Male Pattern Baldness Busted

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Male pattern baldness is a ‘non-offensive’ term for men who are starting to bald as early at 30 yrs old. Now that you have started researching about this ‘condition’ first and foremost clear your male pattern baldness; so that you don’t fall in the trap of blaming yourself for this condition. Let’s bust some myth about male pattern baldness.

Maternal genes are responsible for baldness

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Hair loss in most of the cases is a genetic problem but not necessarily due to the maternal genes. It can be from either of the parent’s side. So, before concluding that the reason behind the baldness is the genes from the mother, it is wise to cross check the history of baldness in both the parent’s families.

Hats and helmets cause baldness

hats and helmets @TheRoyaleIndia

No hats, helmets or baseball caps cause baldness. These head gears are no way worn tight enough to block the blood circulation to the hair follicle. If this was to be true then every army man, police officer and anyone who has to wear caps as part of uniform, would have been bald.

Shaving helps in growth of thicker hair

It is the biggest myth that has been taking rounds in every family-that shaving the head is the best option to get thicker and black hair. If this would have been true, then every woman would have gone bald a few times in her life!


Stress @TheRoyaleIndia

Stress can cause hair loss for a temporary period of time but is not a reason to have pattern baldness. No matter what amount of stress is being witnessed by one, it will surely not cause pattern baldness.(Read about ‘Quick Doable Stress Relief Techniques’)

Hairstyles don't cause hair loss

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We have seen biggest of celebrities going from colouring their hair cocktail to gelling the spikes to sporting African braids. Guess what? None of them went bald after getting any of that new looks! A regular change in hairstyle might cause your hair to become dry, frizzy and rough but definitely not male pattern baldness.


If shampooing and excessive use of hair products are believed to be a reason for baldness then more than 70 percent of world population would have been bald. Using harsh chemicals, excessive use to various hair products and shampooing can damage the hair but is not a sole reason for the pattern baldness.

Busting these myths now empowers you to be well informed about your condition and take a logical step to getting it corrected by directly acting in the problem area.

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