#MyRoyaleNailfie Contest – It’s all about Nail Art with a Summer Twist

April 8, 2015 #MyRoyalNailfie Contest – It’s all about Nail Art with a Summer Twist @TheRoyaleIndia 851 0 0

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Inviting one and all to open up their creative channels all the way, this summer week!! How about participating in our #MyRoyalNailfie contest? Sounds interesting? All you got to do is paint your nails or your partner’s, girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, wife’s, sister’s, brother’s, anyone for that matter. Yes, it is as simple as that.

For inspiration, a few suggestions from our end

Flaunt your fashionista quotient with nail art done in cool summer shades of mint green, lime yellow, sky blue in vertical bars, horizontal rows, or in polka dots of different sizes. Go for a monochrome or dual colour scheme, the choice is yours.

Love to be a nature bird? How about flashing your nails adorned with summer flowers in bright shades of yellow, red, orange etc against a green background. You could even opt for nail art of slices of sweet lime, mango and oranges that could make your nails look ‘fruityluscious’ too!

Heading to a beach resort or longing to? Why not paint your nails in the beach theme with blue and white sea waves and a couple of palm trees across with a yacht in sight too? Sigh….And, if at all your dream comes true then don’t forget to carry your sun block, swimsuit, hat and sunglasses.

#MyRoyaleNailfie Contest

By the way, the MyRoyaleNailfie is running all through the week beginning April 8 till April 14, 2015 with the most creative entry winning a gift voucher of Rs. 500. So, go ahead let your creative juices flow and play with colours all across your nails. Before you begin a quick glance below would be great –


1. Follow Royale on twitter & Instagram, Tag us & use #MyRoyaleNailfie
2. Theme – “Summer”
3. If you use a model, please be clear that the winner is only the nail-artist.
4. Design Limit – 5 designs per person are allowed.
5. The photos have to be original. No stealing photos. (Tip: click extra photos as proof with you)
6. Designs can be inspired, but try to be creative.

Winner: 1 winner will be chosen based on creativity. PRIZE: Rs.500 Gift Voucher

Terms & Conditions:

1. Participants with valid Indian citizenship are eligible for this contest.

2. TheRoyale’s decision about prize and the winners would be final.

3. TheRoyale holds the right to change the rules and policies pertaining to contest any time.

4. Logicserve Digital and its employees are not eligible to win.

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