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Love to explore ancient places and know more about the history and culture of India? Then traveling to Bihar is the best decision you could have ever taken!!

For in Bihar, you will find a 2600 year-old tree under which Buddha attained salvation, tallest excavation stupa, one amongst many located worldwide, the ruins of the 5th century world-famous Nalanda University or the invisible river flowing below the ground. Yes, full of amazing discoveries, Bihar is indeed a curious traveler’s dream come true.


Travel back in time by beginning your Bihar trip to Gaya. Plan a trip to the Vishnupad temple and catch a glimpse a huge footprint of Lord Vishnu. Located nearby is Bodhgaya, the place where Lord Buddha got enlightened under the Bodhi tree. Even today, Bodhgaya is visited frequently by Buddhists all over the world.

In and around Bodh Gaya

Other places to visit in and around Bodhgaya are –

  • 80 feet statue of Buddha

  • Dungeshwari Hill and Temple a.k.a Prag Bodhi – 22 kms from Bodhgaya

  • Sujata Village – 2 kms from Bodhgaya

Gaya is also a city of religious importance as ‘Pitru Shraddh’ or the ancestral rites of a deceased person are conducted here. These ceremonies are conducted so that the deceased person attains ‘moksha’ or nirvana.

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Kakolat Falls

Located on the Kakalot hills, near Nawada, on the borders of Bihar and Jharkhand, these waterfalls are just marvelous. These waterfalls gush down from the height of 150 to 160 feet and form a lake at its base. It is a popular gateway and a tourist destination. There is an annual fair organized on Baisakhi each year which you can attend, if you wish to explore the cultural vibrancy of Bihar.

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Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife lovers can head to the Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary that is located 20 km from Jamui railway station. It is host to innumerable wild animals like leopards, bears, barking deer, tigers, etc. Bhimbandh is an ornithologist’s paradise where several exotic species of birds such as Ferruginous duck, black-necked stork, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Lesser Kestrel and Blue Jay can be found.

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Also, visit the several hot springs in the area – Bhimbandh, Rishi Kund and Sita Kund where Goddess Sita immolated herself and came out unscathed.


Located just 90 kms from Patna, Pawapuri is where Lord Mahaveera chose to depart from his mortal existence. Jal Mandir in Pawapuri is a beautiful Jain temple built in the middle of the lake. Take a glimpse of Lord Mahavir’s ‘Charan Paduka’ in the temple which is the place where Lord Mahavir is said to have cremated.

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For the off-beat tourist, Bihar’s famous Sonepur Cattle fair has all the ingredients to look forward to. This is the biggest cattle fair of Asia and attracts visitors and tourists worldwide. Trading is done from elephants to donkeys to horses to almost anything and this fair is one which simply cannot be missed.

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Organised on a full moon day in November at Sonepur, also known as Harihar Kshetra Mela, this mela is held for 15 days to 1 month at a stretch.


The capital of Bihar is now a modern city well-connected by air and rail to the rest of the country. Visit the Patna Museum to catch a fair overview of early human existence during the Mauryan Empire through its extensive collection of stone, metallic sculptures, coins, rare paintings, cannons etc.

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The ashes (relics) of Buddha and a fossil of a 200 million year-old tree can be seen here. But the one exhibit you can’t miss is the world-famous sculpture of Didarganj Yakshi made of a single piece of stone, a superb example of Mauryan skills. Lovers of flora and fauna can pay a visit at the biological park in Patna which is simply amazing and enriches your botanical knowledge.

Exploring Bihar is definitely an interesting and intriguing experience for there is so much art, culture and history to gain from. For lovers of paintings and art, Bihar is the home to Madhubani art which is done using fingers, twigs and natural pigments.

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Meanwhile the best months to visit Bihar are from November to February, so do plan accordingly.

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