Assam – Idyllic, Scenic and an exotic travel destination of India

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During our annual vacation every year, along with a group of college friends, we always plan a trip to exotic locations around India. This year we chose Assam the north eastern state of India which is known as the Gateway to Northeast India. And not to our surprise, Assam was simply amazing with its diverse landscapes, wildlife and vibrant culture.

Kaziranga National Park @TheRoyaleIndia

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We began our visit with the world renown Kaziranga National Park and caught glimpses of wildlife species such as Indian bison, sambar, tiger, elephant, rhino and much more, each one carrying their magnificent aura and style across the 430 sq kms of its perimeter. But sadly, we missed out the migratory birds which make their presence felt during the warm winters.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park @TheRoyaleIndia

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The enticing nature and wildlife viewing got us really excited and we decided to stop over at the Dibru Saikhowa National Park. The park is full of rare wildlife and even evergreen deciduous forests which offer a soothing sight to view.

Manas National Park @TheRoyaleIndia

Located nearby, is the Manas National Park which we also gave a visit to. The Manas National Park enjoys a World Heritage Site status from UNESCO, and houses many rare and endangered species of birds and animals. The park is a biosphere and an elephant reserve too.

Haflong Lake @TheRoyaleIndia

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Our next stop was at the Haflong Lake which is located at a height of 1683 m above sea level. Surrounded by the scenic Haflong Hill which is full of flora and fauna and natural streams, the visit here was truly refreshing. The Hanging Bridge across the lake offers the perfect background for those who wish to take home a memorable picture.

Umangarshu @TheRoyaleIndia

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Also, if you wish to spend a few days in idyllic leisure with your loved ones or friends, Umrangshu is the perfect place to spend a holiday with your family. Untouched by modernity, this town enthralls you with its lovely hills and rolling greenery. The most famous attraction here is Garampani, a hot spring. Another place that is a must to see is the Kapili Hydel Power Plant.

Orang National Park @TheRoyaleIndia

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Though we did miss out on this one, the Orang National Park is a huge park spanning, is a favorite with bird watchers because it has an enormous variety of local and migratory birds. Many animals, native to this region are found here such as the famed One-Horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger, and And Elephant.

Sivasagar @TheRoyaleIndia

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Having seen plenty of natural wonders, we then traveled to Sivasagar, a town known for its palaces and monuments. We visited key tourist destinations such as Joysagar, Sivasagar Sivadol, Talatal Ghar and Sivasagar Tai Museum and enriched ourselves with historical and cultural information of each of the places.


Did you know that Assam is home to the first oil refinery in Asia which is now more than 100 years old? Yes, we did visit the refinery but our visit to the Digboi Centenary Museum was even more interesting and intriguing with life sized models. All throughout our trip, the magnificent Himalyan Mountains offered amazing views which were worth photographing. In fact, we were rendered speechless on viewing them.

India is synonymous with religion and therefore we planned to visit the very famous Kamakhya Temple which stands on an altitude of 800 feet on Nilachal Hill, this 2200 year old temple is a living example of undeterred faith and explicit Indian culture.

Diphu @TheRoyaleIndia

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Our Assam trip ended with a visit to Diphu which is known for its botanical gardens, museums and the Arboretum.

All throughout the trip we were refreshed with famous Assam Tea while its unique handicrafts were equally attractive. A cruise along the majestic Brahmaputra River with the shores lined up with quaint villages, exotic aquatic life, and fresh air did leave a lasting impression on us.

Visiting Assam is an experience that we will never forget. If you want to enjoy a fabulous vacation time in this gorgeous north eastern state, book a trip between October to April when the climate is mild and pleasant.


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