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The magic wands (brushes) are the well-kept secret behind a flawless face. But not every woman is acquainted with the knack of using the right kind of tools to augment the glow on their skin. For a common woman, nailing the art of using the perfect brush is not less than a dream; it not just makes our makeup look natural but also saves our money and a panic attack in the morning.

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Most women have an extensive collection of fancy makeup brushes but still stick to hardly the two or three brushes to put on foundation, blush and eyeshadow. For best results, it is necessary that we understand the technique behind using them. There are a number of overwhelming options available in the market, yet we could lend a hand in jotting down the heavy list to just 5. So, here is our crash course on essential makeup brushes and the technique of using it:

1. Classic foundation brush

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A feathery, long, curved and flat tipped brush with synthetic fibres is an ideal foundation brush for your skin. The brush envelops your face consistently and moves over the planes of your face to wrap your skin pores accurately. Apply it gently from your cheeks to blend the foundation evenly covering other parts of your face. It marks the perfect foundation layer of your skin making it even radiant and smooth.

2. Concealer brush

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A small brush with slightly tapering tip with stiff bristles is the accurate type of concealer brush for every skin type.

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The tapering tip is used for concealing the minute blemishes, marks and discolorations on your skin. Tap the brush properly to the concealed area using a drop of concealer and use your fingers wisely to blend it around the skin for a perfect skin. Always go for the brush with pointed tip to reach out some hard-to-get areas of your skin.

3. Powder brush

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An elongated, soft and extremely fluffy with long hair is the perfect powder brush available to suit every skin type. The longer bristles help to graze your face uniformly which is ideal for spreading colours on your skin keeping the foundation intact. All you need is to set an appropriate angle of the brush in respect to your cheekbones and apply it in a gliding motion towards the temples. Provide a lifted effect to enhance the colours on your face perfectly.

4. Angled brush

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It is a sleek and stiff tool which is popular as an eyeliner brush.

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It contains small, elevated and firm bristles to provide a long-lasting effect to your eye makeup. It is used to smudge eye shadow accurately over your eyes. An angled eye shadow brush is ideal for softening your shadow, providing a perfect eye-do.

5. Lip brush

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Applying lip gloss and lipsticks directly from your tube is easy and saves time but using a lip brush serves an even perfect application of lip colour to enhance the shape of your lips.

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