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5 Fashion Looks You Can Sport For Music Festivals

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Just like we all have different tastes in music, we all have a different style of dressing too. Some like a lot of colour in their attire, some like to go with black while some like to experiment and try something new every day. However, we hardly ever ponder over what to wear at a music concert. It’s an important task, picking out the right kind of clothes for the right kind of event and for the right kind of concert. After all, you wouldn’t want to show up like a fashion disaster for a concert you’d been waiting for months!

So, to make your life a little easy, here are 5 looks you can try to blend in with the crowd and yet stand out!

Punk Goddess look for Rock Concerts

Rock Concert Look @TheRoyaleIndia


You can never go wrong with leather, studs and ankle length boots if you’re heading to a kickass rock concert. But while everyone would be stuffed in their leather jackets, you might want to add a twist to your avatar.

Rock Concert Outfit @TheRoyaleIndia


Pick out some badass leather tights, shrug on a studded shirt over a normal T-shirt and pull on that monkey cap on your wild tresses. Finish the look with matching ankle length boots and a dark lipstick of course!

Rock Concert Outfit Ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

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There are many other options you can try out. Just don’t forget the basics – Leather, dark colours, studs and boots.

Hippie Queen look for Psychelic Concerts

Hippie Rock Concert Look @TheRoyaleIndia

For those with a keen interest in psychedelics, there’s no such thing as too much colour or too much print. There are many psychedelic print dresses available that you can try or you could create a unique look of your own.

Hippie Rock Style @TheRoyaleIndia


You will never go wrong with a tribal print dress or a colourful long and loose dress.

Hippie Headbands @TheRoyaleIndia

Just remember, as long as you have that head band and shades in place, you’re going to be okay.

Chic Fashionista look for EDM Concert

Edm Concert Looks @TheRoyaleIndia


With lots of lights and super fast beats, EDM concerts are a place to go to for maximum fun and dancing . Here is where you get to be as loud, sparkly and colourful as you want to be.

Edm Concert Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia


For the perfect EDM concert look what you really need is a crop top, prefrebly a crochet top, super short shorts and a lot of colourful accesorizing to achieve that perfect fashionista look.

Glow-in-the-dark Bands @TheRoyaleIndia


You could even try glow in the dark head bands just for a little fun.

Cool chick look for Hip Hop Concerts

Hip Hop Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia


For those with a keen interest in hip hop and R&B music, there’s a different way of dressing up altogether.

Hip Hop Concert Fashion Style @TheRoyaleIndia


Baggy pants are your best friends, coupled with a perfect crop top and sneakers. Add a monkey cap or a normal one with a pair of sunglasses as an option and you’re good to go.

The Girlie Look for Pop Concerts

Pop Concert Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia


Pop is a very girlish type of music and that is exactly what you would want to look like at a pop concert. Wearing a cute little dress or skirt would be the perfect choice.

Pop Concert Looks @TheRoyaleIndia


If you’re not too much into the girlie look and want something casual, you could always go for your shredded jeans and a cute top to finish the look.

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