Munch On The Best Parsi Food At These 6 Famous Eateries in Mumbai

March 22, 2015 Munch On The Best Parsi Food At These 6 Famous Eateries in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia 1183 0 0

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Once upon a time there was a group of people with one motto, “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.” They travelled halfway across the world to save their beliefs and landed in the country of gold and spices. Parsis are not only beautiful people with loving hearts but also have the most exquisite cuisine ever! So after a bunch of reasons to thank the Parsi genes, here is just another one in the bucket!

Here is a list of 6 Best Parsi Food Joints in Mumbai

1. Kyani & Co – Marine Lines

Kyani and Co Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Address: Jermahal Estate, 657, JSS Road, Kalbadevi Road, Tak Wadi, Lohar Chawl, Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002

Phone: 022 2201 1492

Must Try: Kheema Pav, Kyani Chai, Mava Cake, Chicken Burger

Can.You.Not.Please? This place will put you in the biggest dilemma of your life. The never ending stroll of menu on the table will make you beg for a room sized stomach and a lifetime to fill it. From the signature kheema pav to the super famous mava cake, Kyani Bakery is sure to make you want to swing through the hall, on that-famous-rope! (Yes, they have a rope)

2) Koolar & Co – Matunga (E)

Koolar & Co - Matunga @TheRoyaleIndia

Address: Address: 541, Kings Circle, Noor Mahal, Ambedkar Road, Matunga, Kings Circle ,, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

Phone: 022 2412 5062

Must Try: Caramel Custard, Brun Butter Honey, Irani Delight

While waiting for your plate of delicacy to arrive, you can stare at the most amusing pictures from the Titanic. Jack and Rose will make you fall in love. The Brun Butter Honey and Caramel Custard are just succulent.

3) Britannia & Company Restaurant, Fort

Britannia and Company Restaurant @TheRoyaleIndia

Address: Wakefield House, 11 Sprott Road, 16 Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai

Phone: 022 22615264

Must Try: Chicken Berry Pulav, Caramel Creme Custard, Sali Boti Mutton

For all the food cum ambience lovers, this place is a must-visit. Chicken Berry Pulav is the most famous dish there and clearly justifies its popularity. This is one rustically authentic Iranian place. A very homely feeling comes attached with this place since you will find the owner and his pets at your service, with a lovely smile, of course!

4) Ideal Corner, Fort

Ideal Corner. Fort - Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Address: Hornby View, Gunbow Street, Borabazar Precinct, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Phone: 022 2262 1930

Must Try: Dhanshak, Mutton cutlet, Bread Pudding

As the name suggests, this is the ideal place to try out amazing Parsi food. And yes, it is located at the corner. What adds to the appetizing food is the dish in which they serve it. The yellow dishes instantly give it a feel of the original ‘Mumbaiya’ restaurant!

5) Paradise, Colaba

Cafe Paradise, Colaba @TheRoyaleIndia

Address: Sindh Chambers, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai

Phone: 022 66352714

Must Try: Laganu Custard and Sali Boti Mutton

This is a simple hotel which has maintained its carefree ambience over the years. The Laganu Custard is a traditional Parsi Custard and is absolutely flavoursome. Nothing could get better than being greeted by an adorable couple with a broad smile, who happen to be the owners of this hotel.

6) Jimmy Boy, Fort

Jimmy Boy Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Address: 11, Vikas Building, Bank Street, Near Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai, 400001.

Phone: 022 2270 0880

Must Try: Salli Par Edu

This is a place for the i-cant-go-without-an-AC people who are hell bent on trying out the Parsi cuisine. Because this place, unlike most of its contemporaries, has an AC section as well. The food is luscious and the bakery is drool-worthy. With hygiene very well maintained, it is surely a must visit.

I can see you’ve tied your laces already. Go ahead, experience the best kind of coma, The Food Coma!

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