A place of joy, a place of hope: Mughal Garden!!

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When coming to Delhi for the first time, the cultural heritage of Delhi that one reads about fascinates him beyond leaps and bounds. People coming from small towns often find themselves lost in the crowd that a place like Delhi epitomizes. The magnificence of the national capital mesmerizes them completely. People often come to Delhi with a fear that Delhi would not accept them and they would have a problem getting accustomed to the place. But Delhi is a friendly place; it welcomes you with warmth and makes you feel at home instantly. That’s exactly what the Mughal Garden is all about.

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Visiting the Mughal Garden make people go into a state of Trans. They are generally transported to the history textbooks they study as kids in school. What seemed boring and mundane in the textbooks; now give a new meaning to their life. As kids, we hardly ever understand the need to study the art and architecture of the Mughal era. But now that we see a specimen of the Mughal art and architecture in person, we can relate to each and every detail of the beauty that the Mughal Garden in Delhi exemplify.

What To Expect At Mughal Garden This Year:

  • Nearly 120 kinds of roses can be witnessed at the Mughal Garden in Delhi. Love for nature and its bounty that the Mughals exhibited in beyond comparison.


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  • The month of March is excitedly awaited for this is the time when close to 10,000 different varieties and colours of tulips bloom at the Mughal Garden.


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  • Mughal emperors from the earliest Babur to the later ones like Shah Jahan were fond of garden and thus several gardens were built throughout their territory(several places across the nation), in and around their forts and many other important buildings of that time. The Mughal Garden in Delhi being one of the most fascinating ones among them.

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  • The design of the Mughal Garden in Delhi is based on the ancient style of the Islamic garden. This style includes running streams of water, pools to reflect the beauty that is vested in the abundance of the sky, fountains, and trees and flowers to give a soothing experience to the beholder.


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  • The Mughal Garden in Delhi has a special area called the Herbal Garden or the Tactile garden for visually challenged people.


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  • Mughal Garden in Delhi is situated inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan Compound and is open to the general public during the month of February and March every year.

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  • Being called by the name Udaynostsav, this one of its kind flower festival is very popular amongst visitors who come from all corners of the nation to see even the rarest of the flower species.

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How To Reach Mughal Garden:

The easiest way to reach the Mughal Garden is through the Delhi Metro, the nearest metro station being Central Secretariat or Kendriya Sachiwalaya. Else you can always book a cab and enjoy numerous offers or take an auto rickshaw.

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The Mughal Garden is as beautiful as they are peaceful. For all those looking for peace of mind amidst the hectic and busy life of one of the busiest metropolitans, Mughal Garden in Delhi is a must visit. This place is the perfect amalgamation of serenity and beauty and the perfect way to acknowledge the bounty of nature.

PS: The Mughal Garden remains closed on every Monday, so it is advisable that you plan your visit accordingly

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