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They say that you should never stop something that works. Motorola, a pioneer in mobile technology, has gone a step further and made what “works”, work better. Keeping up with the times and the demands, Motorola has been launching new generations of its extremely popular G range of smartphones. Ever since the first Moto G was launched in 2013, every year has seen Moto upping its game and coming up with a smarter variant.

Moto G4 2016 specifications


All those looking for some early news on what the new Generation will bring with it for the Moto G, let’s take a look…

If the Internet and its many sources are to be believed, then the Moto G of 2016 will see two variants, a base Moto G4, and a Moto G4 Plus.

On the pricing front, the G4 Plus will cost about 21, 000 while Moto G4 price in India would be around 18, 000.

Moto G4 camera


Now that we’ve established that both these smartphones will be easy on your pocket, let’s discuss the Smartphone which will most likely sport a 5.5” screen protected by the all-powerful Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The display resolution is apparently going to be 1920x1080p. Hopefully, the pictures that you take with the 16MP primary camera of the Moto G4 will appear in all its glory on the screen! If your Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are used for daily updates on your selfies and who you video chatted with that day, then the 4G network support and 8MP front camera (5MP on the G4 regular variant) on the models will appeal to you.

Moto g4 launching 9th june


Both the models will taste the wonderful Marshmallow from Android and will be equipped well to handle the future Android N iteration.

Coming to what will power these two massive beasts; it is reported that the G4 will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset which clocks a speed of up to 1.2GHz, while the big brother, G4 Plus will boast of the Snapdragon 650 SoC. The RAM on both these Motorola boys is speculated to be 3GB, so that when you multitask, you multitask with ease. The internal memory storage will very likely to be 16GB to keep up with the high internal memory offered by Motorola’s competitors in the same price segment.

Moto G4 2016 features


Now, if you have a larger screen and a more powerful processor, you will also need a better battery, right? So, it can be safely assumed that the Moto G4 will come with an increased battery capacity of maybe 2800mAh for the base G4 and a slightly better 3000mAh for the G4 Plus.

Moto G4 fingerprint scanner


Lastly, security…sorry… “cool” security is the thing to incorporate, and that’s why Motorola has confirmed that all its new Smartphones will come with a Fingerprint Sensor. However, we don’t know where exactly will this sensor be fitted, perhaps in the Home key.

Moto G4 latest mobile 2016


If you are looking to upgrade your current Smartphone to the G4, then you will have to wait till June 9th which according to Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo (Lenovo acquired Motorola in 2014), is the day when the two smartphones will be unveiled to the world.

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