Six most expensive smartphones that define luxury smartphones

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They’re handmade, with genuine stitched leather, shatterproof, insanely priced, sported by the uber-rich, and most of us haven’t seen one. But they’re there, they exist. We’re talking about the limited edition, handcrafted luxury smartphones that millionaires carry around in their satin-lined pockets. Exquisitely designed and built using premium materials, these phones, which do have more than capable hardware specifications, are more or less trophies of status and fashion statements. But no one can deny that they’re gorgeous devices, and anyone would love to get their hands on these jewel-encrusted gadgets. And that is why we’ll be taking a look at the six most expensive smartphones in the whole world.

1. Vertu Signature Touch for Bentley

vertu signature touch for bentley expensive phone @TheRoyaleIndia


Price: 9000 USD to 19000 USD


  • Android powered

  • Snapdragon 810 processor

  • 4GB RAM

  • 21 MP and 2.1 MP cameras

Vertu is a well-known name in the world of luxury smartphones and this year it partnered with its automobile counterpart Bentley to build a luxury phone. Out came the Signature Touch. The Bentley branded device is available in 8 leather options and 16 stitching options.

2. Lamborghini 88 Tauri

lamborgini 88 tauri most expensive phone @TheRoyaleIndia


Price: 5250 USD


  • Android Powered

  • 2.3 GHz Qualcomm

  • 3GB RAM

tonino lamborgini 88 tauri most expensive phone @TheRoyaleIndia


The carmaker Lamborghini built a super-phone using luxury materials like calfskin leather and different gold-plates. The leather is available in 9 different colours. The phone, which looks a Lamborghini supercar, houses a shatter-proof glass that is said to be of the same material as a Lamborghini car. How’s that for a phone?

3. Sirin Solarin Crystal

sirin solarin crystal most expensive smartphones @TheRoyaleIndia


Price: 14000 USD


Snapdragon 810

most expensive smartphones solarin sirin @TheRoyaleIndia


Now here’s a phone that is expensive because it has a military-grade encryption and is said to be one of the most secure phones in the world. User Data is protected with high-end security and advanced encryption. The phone is one of the most expensive smartphones even in this list.

4. Gresso Regal Gold

gresso regal gold most expensive smart phone @TheRoyaleIndia


Price: 6000 USD


  • Android

  • 1.5 GHz processor

  • 5 inch 1080p display

  • 13 MP and 5 MP cameras

Fancy a gold bar that doubles as a phone? This is it then. It looks as if someone buried a phone inside a gold bar. The phone case is made of gold-plated titanium.

5. Goldvish Eclipse

goldvish eclipse most expensive smartphones @TheRoyaleIndia


Price: 7668 USD


  • Android

  • 5.5-inch display

  • Snapdragon processor

  • 13MP Camera

Built with exotic leather and a chassis of precious metals, this phone is as sleek as sleek can get. The 13MP camera comes with six lenses to avoid distortion.

6. Black Diamond iPhone

black diamond iphone @TheRoyaleIndia


Price: 15.3 Million USD

IPhone 5 with iOS

stuart hughes diamond designer signature edition iphone @TheRoyaleIndia


As far as expensive and luxury phones are concerned, this one sure takes the diamond frosted cake. Priced at a whopping, unbelievable price of USD 15 Million, the Black Diamond iPhone is the iPhone 5 with a jewel-encrusted exterior. The phone is designed by master designer Stuart Hughes, who slapped a super expensive black diamond onto the iPhone and sprinkled a few diamonds here, some grams of gold there to make this luxury smartphone.

So there we have it. A list of super expensive, luxury smartphones designed to woo the crazy-rich.

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