A Cup of Calmness: Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe

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My love for tea is inexplicable. I crave for the invites to high tea parties. It is an addiction which I don’t want to get rid of, ever. Today we will talk about the Moroccan mint tea which has a discrete feel to it from the process to the tools used. It is a joy to create a perfect cup of this tea. The Moroccan mint tea is refreshingly sweet and not to mention delightfully minty in taste.

Why should you drink Moroccan Mint Tea?

  1. Green tea injects anti-oxidants and boosts your metabolism rate.

  2. Mint cools your stomach and aids in cough and nausea.

  3. Adding lemon enhances the skin wellness and balances the ph level of body.


  • 1 tablespoon gunpowder green tea

  • 2 tablespoons sugar (adjust to taste; add more if you like very sweet)

  • large handful of mint

  • 5 cups boiling water

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Step 1: Add the loose tea leaves in your Berrad or Moroccan tea pot.

Step 2: At the same time, boil 5 cups of water for the tea in another container.

Step 3: When the water boils, add 1 cup to the tea pot and allow it to boil for nearly 30 seconds. This contains the flavour of your tea, hence the most essential part of the entire process. After the tea has steeped in, set it aside for later use.

Step 4: Pour another cup of the boiled water to dissolve the leftover bitter taste of the tea leaves.

Step 5: Discard the content down the drain to get rid of the undesired strong flavour. The authentic Moroccan mint tea has very subtle palette.

Step 6: Now the real Moroccan magic will start working as soon as we start building its flavours. Combine the first cup we have set aside in the first step along with sugar and mint leaves. Now fill the tea pot with water.

Step 7: Place the Moroccan tea pot on the stove and bring it to simmer on medium flame for the next 5 minutes. Do not rush the process. The medium flame will caramelise the sugar and will blend with the juices of mint leaves. Take it off the stove after 5 minutes.

Step 8: Pour a cup of tea in your tea cup. But wait! Now pour it back into the berrad, we want to mix all the flavours by doing this. This will also make tea a little cool before the consumption. Do it two- three times for the best results.

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Step 9: Now the Moroccan mint tea is ready to be served in the glasses. Ensure you are aware of the distinct way of serving this special tea. Pour it normally as you do, but continue towards a high pour. This style of raising the tea pot as you pour the tea in the cups will make the tea frothy and smoother.

Step 10: Serve hot with the garnish of mint leaves. You might also prefer a twist of lemon to your cup. I totally do. Not only it enhances the experience but also increases the cleansing benefits of the tea.


1. The Moroccan tea pot is a beautiful piece to decorate your kitchen but also helps to do a long pour, which is essential for the authentic taste.

2. Generally the glasses are colourful ornate handle-less miniature cups made of glass, so that the distinct colour of the tea can be enjoyed.

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