5 Bridal Trousseau Tips for a Beautiful Monsoon Wedding

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The scent of fresh soil, flowers blooming and the greenery all around sure makes monsoon the most scenic and romantic time of the year. And so, it’s quite natural to set the date of your wedding during this magical season. However, for accomplishing that very task everyone involved has to pay a huge price! Especially the bride with her heavy lehenga, makeup, hairdo and jewellery is the one who goes through the most trouble.

So, to ease her plight without compromising on looks, here are 5 trousseau tips for all Monsoon brides.

Fabric Matters

nylon lehenga @TheRoyaleIndia

It’s obvious that when you talk about monsoon weddings it will be held indoors, unless you’re very experimental. But you can never be careful enough while handling your precious outfit. Imagine it getting drenched in the rain! How will you spend the rest of the day in a lehenga that just won’t dry!

source : fashionkafatka.com

So always go for a lighter fabric. Nylon is a fast-drying material that doesn’t wet easily and even if it does, dries off in a matter of minutes! Besides, there are many lovely options available for you to choose from!

Knee length lehenga to save the day!

knee length lehenga girl @TheRoyaleIndia

source : weddingsutra.com

The long and flowy lehengas always manage to get in the way. God knows how many times the bride trips because of it. When it’s so difficult to manage them during the normal days, imagine handling one on a rainy day? Don’t even bother imagining, it’s extremely painful.

knee length lehenga mehendi @TheRoyaleIndia

source: weddingsutra.com

To ease this trouble while looking like a fashionista bride, knee-length lehengas are here! After all, when are you going to flaunt that extravagant mehendi that took hours to draw on your feet?

Don’t drown in heavy embroidery

minimal embroidery lehenga @TheRoyaleIndia

source : sapanaamin.com

As much as heavy embroidery is attractive, it is equally troublesome. Embroidery makes your dress heavy which will only weigh you down for the many hours you have to withstand your relatives and the rains.

simple lehenga @TheRoyaleIndia

source – weddingstylestory.com

Give that heavy embroidery-work a break and go for something sweet, simple and comfortable. Beauty is in simplicity after all!

Give them high-heels a break!

bridal ballet pumps @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: etsy.com

Think of comfort and style. What comes to mind? Ballet pumps of course! There are bling options available that you can match with your lehengas.

bridal footwear @TheRoyaleIndia

source: southindiajewels.com

Also, if you’re not very keen on hiding your feet mehendi, you can always go for extravagant sandals that fit well and are comfortable too.

Choose whatever you like, just make sure you choose wisely.

Pick the right colours

pastel shade wedding lehenga @TheRoyaleIndia

source: little-talks0.blogspot.com

While you’ve got everything in place, picking the right colors is of great importance. Heavy colors like red, maroon, dark blue are fine for other seasons but for monsoons it is advisable to go with lighter colors. To stand out in the intense colors of the beautiful scenery during this time of the year, being subtle is the key.

pastel shade wedding saree @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: andallthatfash.wordpress.com

Pastel shades of peach, pink and purple work wonders for this romantic season.

In the end it all just boils down to what you feel comfortable in. So go for what makes you look and feel best!

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