Monsoon must-haves in your Hand Bag

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Monsoons symbolize freshness and tranquility and are also eagerly awaited by most of us. Long drives, weekend trips and getting drenched are the most exciting activities we look up to, this time of the year. Having fun in the rains is easy but being prepared to shield ourselves from the numerous hindrances the season brings along can be a tough task. What if we tell you your entire monsoon-care regime can be accommodated in your hand bag? Read on to know what is on our must-haves list for romancing monsoons and indulging in it:

Three-Fold Umbrellas

three fold umbrellas @TheRoyaleIndia

Umbrellas give considerable amount of protection from rains. Carrying them along anywhere you go is convenient when you are having the three fold umbrellas. These occupy less space in your bag and are also light on weight. These are available in wide choices of colors, prints and even shapes, so you can fight rains in style.

Scarves & Stoles

Scarves Stoles @TheRoyaleIndia

Carrying a stole or scarf in your bag will be a replacement for a towel. After getting wet in the rain intentionally or in case of sudden heavy showers, you can always rely on them. You can even use them to cover your hair from the damage that the rain may cause or just wear them around your neck or shoulder as a fashion statement Match them with your attire daily or just keep a solid color like black or beige that compliments every outfit, you can check out the wide options available in them here: Jabong

Makeup Essentials

Makeup Essentials @TheRoyaleIndia

Do you love wearing kajal or a mascara but are scared the rains would wash it away or smear it over your face? With waterproof makeup this is history. You can opt for waterproof liners, mascaras and even foundations for your daily makeup regime. Your favorite cosmetics brand will surely have an exclusive range of these. Wearing makeup which isn’t water resistant will either peel of quickly during the rains or require frequent touch-ups. Thus, wearing minimal makeup but making sure it is waterproof will save a lot of your time. Do remember, never to compromise on quality of cosmetics you use.

Skin & Hair Care

Skin Hair Care @TheRoyaleIndia

During monsoons the hair and skin suffer a lot of damage due to high humidity in the atmosphere. Oily skin and scalp are results of this. Make sure to carry a pack of tissue papers to regularly wipe away oil from your skin or even wipe off the dirt from your feet during emergencies. Carry hair bands and hair clips (avoid metallic accessories as they can rust due to water contact) to keep your hair in place and manageable. These little things can go a long way in making you look fresh and presentable even after you have encountered heavy showers. Wearing and carrying sunscreen lotion is like every other season is a must. You may not see the shining daily, doesn’t mean you can do away with sunscreen. Last and the most essential item you must carry in your bag is a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

With these basic yet important items you can protect yourself from the rains and make the most of them too. You do not require carrying a big bag loaded with hundreds of items, you can pack light and smart, without making huge investments and have delightful monsoons!

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