Monsoon keeps me stylish!

August 18, 2014 Monsoon keeps me stylish! @TheRoyaleIndia 752 0 0

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Yes you are right! Gone are the days when we welcomed monsoon with boring dark umbrellas, lousy rain coats and the damsel in distress look. The monsoon today is to be eclectic, flamboyant and awe-inspiring!

Funky Colors @TheRoyaleIndia

Monsoon calls for gray dull clouds and murky backdrop. So what? Add a splash of your own interesting color and paint the town with a beautiful canvas. Bright colors, funky colors and neon colors, yes you got it right, razzle-dazzle in your favorite neon Tee or a hot pink racer back tank top or just a floral printed romper and the mood is set right for welcoming monsoon.

Denim Shorts @TheRoyaleIndia

The most trending monsoon outfits are a pair of chambray or denim shorts, although they look similar but a chambray shorts scores extra points to be more light weight than denim weave. Team up your favorite pair of hot shorts(low waist, high waist), knee length or capri length shorts with a bright tee or a tank top.

Onsie @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are not a shorts person then try a romper. A romper suit also known as ‘onesie’ is a one piece garment, a combination of short and shirt. Fashion circuit calls it the hazel free silhouette which is casual during the day and transforms to be extremely classy and chic in the night. This pair of fashion can be used for formal and informal outdoors. Go floral and fun prints with the rompers during the day and monotone with classic blue, black, and maroon for a formal occasion. Best feature about romper is that it brings the best out of every body sizes.

Sundresses @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are very close to your feminine side then sundresses is your fashion goddess. Sundresses are loosely fitted, lightweight, flattering neckline and extremely comfortable. They constitute the three ”fs’; fun, flowy and flirty. Preferably for rainy season go for light weight fabric for these sundresses like cotton, silks, chiffon etc. You can team up the dress with a fancy scarf or a shrug. Again this piece of garment is friendly to every body type but be careful of the cuts that you chose according to your body. A bodice fitted sundress would accentuate and give a thin person subtle curves where as a maxi sundress will look good on someone healthier or a fuller size. Midi length dresses for formal wardrobe are good to go for the monsoons too. Pick up your favorite formal color or experiment with a different color in a midi length dress with your hair neatly pulled back and you are set for your meeting.

Monsoon may give you flexibility in colors and style but not in fabric. Fabric options are limited and to be chosen carefully. Since monsoon gets you wet, dirty and stained we need to make fabrics like cotton, mul, silks, denims, chiffons and nylon our best friend. Try avoiding knits as they do not dry quickly and sticks to your body.

umbrellas @TheRoyaleIndia

Umbrellas, raincoats and rainy boots have also buckled up over the years and finally reached the runway. These trending fashion necessity have gone through a major paradigm shift and have become important fashion accessories for the monsoon.

Oversized umbrellas @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, who doesn’t like vintage but it’s time we bid farewell to our grandpa’s umbrella and welcome the new fashion accessory. There is a rampage of designs on umbrellas that we witness off late which has replaced necessity to luxury. Over-sized umbrellas, innovative printed umbrellas, designer umbrellas and umbrellas of different shapes and sizes have hit the market with a huge success. Long hand umbrellas’ have become more of a style statement than convenience. Resin skull hand umbrella by Alexander McQueen is among the hottest trend. Umbrellas have become a definition to one’s personality. There are umbrellas’ with frills which is more feminine and then there are umbrellas with designer embossment as well as over-sized umbrellas for more stylish look.

poncho raincoats @TheRoyaleIndia

Raincoats have also changed in a larger way. We have neon colored raincoats, balloon style rain coats, transparent raincoats and poncho raincoats which act as a stylish garment in itself.

Gumboots @TheRoyaleIndia

Following suit is our very own ‘gumboots’, famously now called as ‘wellies’, name changed so as their perception. We all remember the boring black rubber boot we wore to school sticky with a funny noise at every step. The wellies are back and with a bang. They come in various colors, prints and lengths and looks like any other shoe and not specifically a ‘rainy shoe’. It is an investment not limited to rainy season but a trend setter that you can use throughout the year. There are also many rainy friendly stylish flats and flip flops too that is trending this season.

Apart from being stylish do not forget minimal make-up and hair neatly tied back will secure you the brownie points.

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