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7 Wardrobe Essentials for a Fashionable Monsoon

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Becoming a fashion statement during monsoons can be a bit inconvenient, when all you really want to do is roll your pants up to avoid getting them soaked in dirty puddles. But no matter what season it is, fashion can and should never be compromised, after all it defines who you are. And the day and age we’re living in, the many options that are available at our disposal have not only made fashion convenient but also fun!

And thus, making Fashion and Convenience our mantra, here’s a list of 7 wardrobe essentials that will help you have the best of both worlds this monsoon.

Chic Gum Boots

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To be able to cross the dirty puddles on the roads without dirtying your feet, gum boots are absolutely necessary. Just one beautiful pair and you’re sorted for the entire season.

Elegant Trench Coats

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Nothing is more irritating than being splashed dirty water on by vehicles that pass by when it’s raining. But that won’t be a problem when trench coats are here to save the day! These lovelies look best when matched with a pair of classy gum boots. Trust me, there’s nothing else in the world that can protect your clothes from that heavy rainy day but this.

Water-proof Handbags

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As much as you love your everyday leather bag, it’s a big NO for monsoons. A water-proof bag is one of the most important things that will help you get through the monsoons. If you want your phone and most of your belongings to still function after the rainy season is gone, these plasticky looking handbags are your best bet. They protect your belongings while making you look chic, isn’t that all we ever need?

Shorts & Capri Pants

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The best things invented in the history of fashion are shorts and capris. Have to cross a road full of ankle-deep water without having to shiver in your air conditioned office due to wet pants? It’s a walk in the park with a pair of shorts or capris.

Three-fold Umbrellas

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An umbrella is a must-have no matter how many rain coats or windcheaters you possess. But instead of those drab-looking ones, you could always pick your favourite colour. Let your umbrella be a happy pop of colour in the dull, cloudy days of monsoons.

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You could also opt for the multi-coloured over-sized umbrellas. They’ll do the job of protecting you while making you look fashionable equally well.

Colourful Leggings

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If you’re running out of shorts and capris to wear, leggings is another great option that you can pull on for a comfortable yet fashionable rainy day. Colourful, printed leggings are in vogue, and they will no doubt make you stand out from the crowd on a dull rainy day.

Synthetic Tops

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Easy drying material is what we need during monsoons because let’s face it, we know nothing can survive the wrath of heavy rains. There are many fashionable synthetic tops available that make our monsoon suffering easy and fashionable as well. Just grab these lovelies and your fashionable monsoon wardrobe is complete!

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